Nature Inspired Jewelry From Some of Our Favorite Designers

Nature Inspired Jewelry From Some of Our Favorite Designers

As the leaves begin their slow change of colors, autumn shows up in a radiant display of nature at her best. There’s so much inspiration – shapes, lines, phenomena and more – that you only need walk outside to see. It’s difficult to ignore the performance that takes place between seasons, and lots of our favorite jewelry designers have chosen to embrace it in their work. Whether it’s a statement piece you pull out once in a while or a set of small earrings that you barely take off, there’s likely something you’ll love in our Nature Inspired Jewelry collection. Keep scrolling for a few standouts!

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cream and lilac semicircle modern necklace on light background

Larco Necklace by TOPODOM
An ethical statement necklace that’s 3D printed in biodegradable plastic and inspired by the lunar cycle. Make it the perfect length using the self-tie ribbon.

pair of silver stud earrings with black and grey inlays on white background

Saguaro Small Concrete Leaf Studs by Konzuk
Available in four different concrete colorways, this pair of geometric stud earrings found inspiration in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Saguaro Form And Cactus Flowers.

silver necklace draped over a white rock with brown background

Verner Necklace by ARTIFACTS
Inspired by the works of Verner Panton, this wavy sterling silver collar necklace explores beautiful lines and form.

wavy gold ring on white background

Atlas Amur Gold Plated Silver Ring by Leta
The three lines of this ring symbolize the shores of the Amur River, the predominant Russian river in the Far East and one of the ten longest, and its flow.

Double Rainbow Earring by Pretti.Cool
Rainbows are one of the most mesmerizing things in nature, and these compressed paper earrings are sure to add some fun into your day.

sculptural clay necklace on a white background

Tejo Polymer Clay Necklace by Hello Zephyr
Made with lightweight polymer clay and an adjustable 30-inch leather cord, this necklace found its inspiration in the Tejo, the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula.

dark organically abstract ring on white background

Acropora Flower 3D Printed Ring by Zimarty
It’s easy to see the tree branches in this piece, how each element grows off of one point. The electroplating may wear off over time, only to reveal the polished brass base.

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