Nature inspired urban shelter by Luminexence Design

Need shelter in the busy city? Head towards the giant metal leaf protruding from the ground! This new urban furniture, called ‘The Lotus,’ was designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema for Luminexence. The ‘green’ city shelter is complete with solar panels, LED overhead lights, and an electric car charging port.  

The Lotus is modularly designed and comes in a range of sizes from 4 to 19 square meters of “leaf” protection and the solar panels produce 500W to 2.8KW of energy to keep your gas-free car running smooth.  If you are in need of an e-fill simply swipe your credit card, just like the good ol’ natural gas stations, and be on your way in no time. The Lotus comes with a variety of customizable options including an info-center computer, up to four protective leaves, and park friendly benches for modern resting. 

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The Lotus

The Lotus

The Lotus



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