Nearly-invisible desert cabin makes an impact

Imagine: invisible by day, neon by night. That’s what artist Phillip K. Smith set out to accomplish with his ‘Lucid Stead’ installment in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

By day, the 70-year-old homestead reflects the natural surroundings of the desert using alternating mirrored slats with worn wood. By night, ‘Lucid Stead’ is illuminating – literally. The mirrored windows and door glow with LED lights that are designed to change colors over time. The pace of change is intentionally slow to make viewers wonder if it has actually taken place or if it’s an imagined phenomenon.

‘Lucid Stead’ was designed to allow a “process of slowing down and opening yourself to the quiet, only then can you really see and hear in ways that you normally could not.”


lucid-stead-mirrors-the-joshua-tree-desert-designboom-02 Sunset Stead



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