Nebula-75: The Lockdown Puppet Voyage Continues

Nebula-75, the improbable puppet drama produced entirely within the confines of lockdown and filmed in a small London flat, has released it’s third episode. “Short Circuit” expands upon the world developed during Century 21 Films’ debut story (a two episode epic), by introducing Rusty the space scrap merchant and his battered old space ship. Things also look bad for the crew’s faithful Robot companion, Circuit, who seems to be suffering from one malfunction too many!

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The Century 21 Films team began work on the Supermarionation series as a result of lockdown being imposed in the UK. Left with derailed projects, time on their hands, and a flat filled with puppets, props, and set elements from their previous projects, they decided to attempt to produce a unique “Superisolation” series for 2020. Having now released their third instalment of the show, the team have been encouraged by the reaction their creation is getting:

STEPHEN: Considering the fact that it was initially only publicised on our own social media pages, it has had extremely good reaction thus far. We’ve been inundated with messages across e-mail, Twitter and Facebook from people saying how much they enjoyed the show – especially during these difficult times. As we’ve seen with each of our releases – which have included the feature documentary Filmed in Supermarionation, a million pound advert for the Halifax, three new episodes of Thunderbirds and a guest spot on Endeavour ­– there’s a real appetite to see a brand new show in this style. Nebula-75 is being made in very compromised circumstances – so it’s a testament to the appeal of these puppets that so many can see past the limitations and be drawn into the drama of marionettes and space vehicles on strings. 

ELLIOT:A lot of people seemed to enjoy Circuit, our robot character, and the more retro aspects of the production. It clearly reminds a lot of people of the series they grew up loving as children, but they also enjoy the opportunity to meet new characters in a new selection of adventures. A lot of people seem to be enjoying watching it with their children as well and reaching that family audience means a lot to us. We’re also started to receive fan art, which is amazing!

Can we expect to see further episodes from the series? “We’ve got lots of ideas for future episodes,” says art department supervisor Géraldine Donaldson. “Our imaginations are unlimited, even if the same can’t be said for the space in the living room!”

You can catch up with the adventures of Commander Ray Neptune and the crew of NEBULA-75 for free via Century 21 Films.

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