Neighbors Face Eviction Following Continuous Disregard For Homeowner’s Driveway

The idea of shared public spaces is lovely, up until the moment a tiny minority of entitled and rude individuals come along and ruin it for the rest of us. Be using up public resources or just making themselves a nuisance, everyone has probably encountered at least one “neighbor from hell.”

A netizen shared their story of petty revenge after putting up with a driveway being blocked for years. We reached out to the netizens in the story via private messenger and we will update the article when they get back to us.

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Some folks simply can’t handle being considerate about public spaces

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One netizen finally got back at the people who would regularly block their driveway

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Blocking a driveway isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a safety hazard

While it might sound harsh to go as far as getting someone evicted, blocking a driveway, particularly from two directions, isn’t just some regular annoyance. In the US, it’s illegal, even on your own property, as it limits access for emergency services. While we don’t know the exact layout of this person’s area, it’s not hard to imagine a case where an ambulance or, even worse, a firetruck can’t get to a needed area just because these individuals wanted to save a few minutes parking.

Unfortunately, just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean that the authorities will necessarily do something about it. If the police office has truly nothing to do, they might react, but nearly every other call will end up taking priority. This is particularly aggravating in cases like this story, where the driveway blockers seem well aware that nothing will be done to them.

The fact of the matter is that, as unsatisfying as it might sound, this netizens strategy was correct. One has to be persistent, particularly with the authorities, to ensure that there is a record, even if they don’t actually respond to requests. Most police offices have a non emergency line one can repeatedly call without feeling guilty of taking up 911 operators time.

At some point, with enough evidence and complaints, the government will do something. After all, dealing with driveway blockers might not be a priority, but it is a clear and blatant violation of the law.

Persistence is key to getting the government to do something

In general, it is surprising that this story took so long to be resolved, as most regional governments in the US explicitly recommend that people report driveway blockers as trespassers. While it’s good that this netizen did get back at these people, it’s also an indictment of their local government that they simply did not take any action.

Even worse, it would appear that bad actors in this area know this will be the case, as, when confronted, they simply asked “what are you going to do about it?” Often this is the sort of thing someone says moments before disaster, but it would seem that in this case, this tenant truly believes it as it took literal months of persistent action for anything to be done.

But, everything worked out in the end. This is perhaps the main draw to a story like this, we’ve all at some point suffered due to an entitled individual. The only sad part is that it took an entire year of these people to get what was coming to them. Overall, this netizen not only helped themselves, but helped prevent a sizable traffic hazard in the area.

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Some readers had more questions

Many enjoyed the tale of an entitled person getting what was coming to them

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