Netizens Enumerate 30 Things That Are Way Worse Than Stepping On A Lego

According to scientists, up to 70K nerve endings are concentrated in the human foot – and about all of them are activated when we step on a Lego brick. This is really damn painful, and humanity should only be grateful to the Danish businessmen that they established their toy brand about the time the Inquisition stopped using torture.

Moreover, we are almost sure that if the International Chamber of Weights and Measures wanted to establish a special unit for painful sensations, then it could well be “one Lego”. And yet, according to some people, there are feelings and things that are way more unpleasant.

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There is a popular thread in the AskReddit community whose author – apparently “inspired” by a bad stepping – once asked “What’s worse than stepping on a Lego?” As of today, the thread has nearly 4K upvotes and over 7.2K comments listing both funny and really tragic stuff.

Bored Panda has put together a list of the most popular opinions from this thread for you. Laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy – feel free to scroll to the very end, and even better – tell us in the comments what else, in your opinion, feels more unpleasant than stepping on a Lego?

More info: Reddit

#1 Sneezing While On Your Period

Sneezing while on your period

Image credits: Disastrous-Ad7454

#2 Stepping On Your Pet’s Paw Or Tail

Stepping on your pet’s paw/tail

Image credits: KingBoobLic

#3 Accidentally Biting A Chunk Off The Inside Of Your Cheek Whilst Eating

Accidentally biting a chunk off the inside of your cheek whilst eating.

Image credits: GLucey

#4 Go Into Your Kitchen Area With Your Socks On, And Step Into ‘Wet.’

When you have socks on, go into your kitchen area, and step into ‘wet.’

Image credits: CarderSC2

#5 Stubbing Your Pinky Toe So Hard

Stubbing your pinky toe so hard that it kind of peals away your skin.

Image credits: Important-Shift8933

#6 Both Sides Of The Pillow Being Warm

Both sides of the pillow being warm.

Image credits: shak_0508

#7 Getting Hit In The Ankle With The Side Of A Scooter

The only thing in existence that hurts more than stepping on a lego is getting hit in the ankle with the side of a scooter.

Image credits: Humble_Wonder937

#8 Stepping On Two Legos

Stepping on two legos

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Image credits: Electronic_Arm3469

#9 Stepping On An Upturned Plug

Stepping on upturned plug.

Image credits: LucyVialli

#10 Finding Half A Caterpillar Inside The Apple You Are Eating

Finding half a caterpillar inside the apple you are eating.

Image credits: ramriot

#11 Stepping On Jacks, Those Caltrop Looking Things

No one ever talks about stepping on Jacks. Those caltrop looking things.

Image credits: Nuclear_Mouse

#12 Stepping On A Monopoly House

Stepping on a Monopoly house.

Image credits: EmmyLornz

#13 When You Want To Sneeze But Can’t

when you want to sneeze but can’t

Image credits: Top-Appeal-950

#14 Accidentally Plunging A Q-Tip Way Too Far Into Your Ear

Accidentally plunging a q-tip way too far into your ear!

Image credits: Julkorven

#15 Stepping On A Bee

Stepping on a bee ?

Image credits: SEVERYN4YK

#16 Losing Your Entire Family In A Car Accident

Losing your enire family in a car accident

Image credits: ShoulderNecessary867

#17 Watching Your Older Sister Have A Brain Aneurysm At 20 And Die In 10 Minutes

Watching your older sister have a brain aneurysm at 20 and die in 10 minutes. And now you’re turning 22, living longer than she did

Image credits: keste_kevin13

#18 Sitting On A Pitchfork Hidden Within A Haystack

Sitting on a pitchfork hidden within a haystack.

Image credits: Back2Bach

#19 Feeling Your Partner Drifting Away From You

feeling your partner drifting away from you even tho they won’t admit it

Image credits: Ok-Table-7038

#20 Stepping On A Landmine

Stepping on a landmine

Image credits: UnconstrictedEmu

#21 Stepping On A Hard Dog Chew

Stepping on a hard dog chew that has the ability to roll at 3 a.m on the way fo the bathroom

Image credits: notsleptyet

#22 Stepping On A Sea Urchin

Stepping on a sea urchin

Image credits: TaxThoseLiars

#23 Stepping On A D4

Stepping on a d4

Image credits: Capt_ZzL4X

#24 Stepping On A Barbie High Heeled Shoe

Stepping on a Barbie high heeled shoe

Image credits: anon

#25 Stepping On An Upturned Electrical Power Plug, Australian Version, With Bare Feet In The Cold

Stepping on an upturned electrical power plug, australian version (check out our plugs), with barefeet and in the cold.

F**k that.

Oh, also when I woke up and thought I was blind but it turned out it was a Huntsman on my face.

Image credits: superjaywars

#26 Stepping On A Dropped Pin That’s Lurking In The Carpet

Stepping on a dropped pin that’s lurking in the carpet next to my daughter’s sewing machine.

Image credits: OldBob10

#27 Stepping On Those Things That Hold The Corncob

Speaking from experience, stepping on those things that hold the corncob. Went right through my foot.

Image credits: WoolooMVP10

#28 A Small Thin Shard Of Glass That Breaks Apart When Tweezers Pull On It

A small thin shard of glass that breaks apart when tweezers pull on it.

Image credits: BassoHaase

#29 Sleeping Naked With Cats In Your Room

sleeping naked with cats in your room

Image credits: WTF_MYEYES

#30 A Broken Heart

A broken heart?

Image credits: nwll


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