New Adorn Milk Jewelry: From Enamel Pins to Handcrafted Hoops and Concrete “Chimeras”

New Adorn Milk Jewelry: From Enamel Pins to Handcrafted Hoops and Concrete “Chimeras”

I’ve been lazy, I’ll admit, about posting about all the new jewelry we’ve been adding to Adorn Milk. It’s been ages since I shared the beautiful new pieces we’ve launched in the shop, so it’s time to stock up on adornments for your new Fall look (or get an early start on holiday gift shopping!).

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We’ve added a brand new collection of concrete brooches and necklaces from Material Immaterial Studio. Architectural forms, textures, and materials, the modulation of light, shade, and color, all combine to inject a spirit that articulates space. This construct filled with architectural elements that defy gravity and the natural laws of space force the viewer to perceive reality in new ways – A Paradox. A Chimera.

The collection is created by architectural elements coming together to form illusory perspectives, a sensory mirage of spaces for the mind, defining a new paradigm in design. The idea is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain association of forms, the omnipotence of dreams and the undirected play of thought. These intricately crafted pieces make for excellent conversation starters which will kindle everlasting memorable moments. >>> SHOP THE COLLECTION

We’ve added new jewelry from Promises Promises, handmade in London from silver, stainless steel, brass and Jesmonite. Jesmonite is a composite stone a little like concrete but is designed to look like natural stone. It is matte, feels like natural stone, and has a slightly sparkly finish, like you would find in granite. >>> SHOP THE COLLECTION

Phoebe Joel’s approach to jewelry design is grounded in a desire to create sculptural objects that can also adorn the body. The form and materials of her pieces take inspiration from modernist architecture and minimalist art.

Her latest collection explores circles of varying sizes and configurations, most of which are available as a single earring with recommendations for mixing and matching. Wear one earring, a matching pair or create your own pair.  >>> SHOP THE COLLECTION

agjc is a Parisian duo who has been selling their minimalist jewelry on Adorn Milk since our launch, but we’ve recently added new pieces from their latest collection, which feature more interesting takes on circles and lines. This collection is perfect for casual, everyday wear.  >>> SHOP THE COLLECTION

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

We’ve added some new handmade pieces from NJ-based Pico Design. Pico’s minimal aesthetic belies the complexity of construction details and connections in each piece. Designer Andrea Panico explores architecture, traditional building materials and industrial manufacturing as themes for creating her collections. The result is jewelry that is simple and unfussy, masculine and strong, and unique enough to make a quiet statement.

Panico is an industrial designer inspired by both the large scale of architecture and the small scale of jewelry. With past positions in architecture, interior design, product and textile design, Andrea brings a unique perspective to the design of jewelry. Her passion is joining the worlds of industrial design and jewelry, focusing on dualities of material, technique and method.  >>> SHOP THE COLLECTION

onedesignspace is a London based multidisciplinary creative design practice with a focus on Product design and Spatial design. Their jewelry collection was born from the desire to make graphic design wearable and is inspired by abstract compositions, geometric shapes and patterns. → SHOP THE COLLECTION

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