New Bandanas and Other Things

Yes, that’s Megan back there behind the bandana.

We have just received stock of our newest bandana design, and it’s a throwback to our first bandana. This one is black and features our skep logo, plus a bunch of dividers and bees. The big difference is that this bandana was made by One Feather Press.

These are the nicest, softest, well-printed bandanas we’ve ever encountered. They are made one at a time by one guy in his shop. Pre-washed. Ready to become a good friend on the first day.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The bandanas are 22” x 22” and cost $25. More details in our store.

Crucible Card Scrapers Back in Stock

For the last few months we’ve searched in vain for the steel to make our scrapers. Everyone was backordered until late July. Then one company said they had our steel in stock. We sent them $8,000 and discovered they were lying/mistaken/something not libelous.

A few terse communications later, they somehow found the steel and shipped it to us.

So now (after a lot of waterjet and machine tool action) we have scrapers in stock and ready to ship.

Other stuff: The GoDrilla bit extension is nearly done. We’ve solved the problem of the binding threads. Our holdfasts have been poured, but we are waiting on the grinders to do their thing. And we are working on some new T-shirts.

I know this last line of the blog entry (always a dangerous place for me) might curse us. But if you need a little bit of good news today, many things in our supply chains seem to be returning to normal. Everything we do is in the United States, so I have no idea how things are going with international companies. But here, my torn fingernails are starting to grow back a bit.

— Christopher Schwarz


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