New Collaborative Lighting Collections from d’Armes Are an Ode to Creative Synergy

New Collaborative Lighting Collections from d’Armes Are an Ode to Creative Synergy

Having your work on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is something designers dream about. This year, d’Armes – known for its high-end lighting and working with up-and-comers – extended the covetable opportunity to product designer Florian Martin and furniture designer Will Choui. The resulting two product lines, Doppler and 1979 respectively, exalt the union of form and function while captivating viewers with a statement-making aesthetic.

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Innovative and promising, both collaborative collections are in line with d’Armes’ commitment to innovation, exploration, and sharing. And both Doppler and 1979 are crafted in the brand’s Canadian workshop, where they manufacture alongside local suppliers who provide them with recyclable aluminum and steel. When shipped globally, carbon offsetting measures are in practice.

An interior setup featuring a chrome floor lamp, two wall-mounted semi-circle wall light fixtures, and a suspended semicircle lamp, with minimalist black and white walls and a white rectangular platform.

Doppler Collection by Florian Martin

Inspired by the Doppler effect – the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as two people move in relation to one another – Martin’s aptly named Doppler fixture follows suit in its silhouette. The Belgian designer’s floor lamp, pendant, and sconce individually explore shape and perspective while echoing the essence of water through mirrored finishes.

A modern floor lamp with a sleek metallic design and dome-shaped shade stands on a concrete floor.

Doppler Floor Lamp by Florian Martin

A modern, silver floor lamp with multiple bulbs arranged in a semi-circular pattern at the, positioned against a gray wall.

Doppler Floor Lamp by Florian Martin

A modern, metallic pendant lamp with multiple arched layers, hanging against a gray background.

Doppler Pendant by Florian Martin

Two modern, metallic wall sconces with curved, layered designs are mounted on a gray wall, emitting a warm light.

Doppler Sconce by Florian Martin

Black and white photo of a man with short curly hair and a beard, wearing a white T-shirt and a wristwatch. He has both hands over his head, looking directly at the camera.

Florian Martin

Modern dining area with a round table, four wooden chairs, a dark wood floor, and a geometric pendant light.

1979 single unit pendant lamp by Will Choui

Embracing the brutalist aesthetic of the late 1970s, Montréal-based Choui’s 1979 is inspired by the SMC building in Sydney, Australia, bringing together modern design with architectural heritage. The lighting is constructed totally out of aluminum and has a raw yet refined feel to it. And its aesthetic marries utilitarian performance with empathy for the traditionally “harsh” or “cold” visual language that existed in the 1970s.

A modern living room with wooden walls, a black leather sofa, plants, a circular rug, and a round coffee table.

1979 triple unit pendant lamp by Will Choui

A modern room with two black leather chairs, two tall white floor lamps, a coffee table, and large windows.

1979 floor lamp by Will Choui

A person with a shaved head and casual attire sits on a couch, smiling and looking directly at the camera in a black and white photograph.

Will Choui

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Photography courtesy of d’Armes.

Source: design-milk

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