New Ergonomic Chair Design Based on Horse Saddles

As you read this, you’re probably sitting in a chair. And the general consensus appears to be that, for the sake of your back, you oughtn’t. This consensus led to the standing desk craze. More recently acupuncturist Esther Gokhale conducted and compiled research showing that folks from developing nations who squat, rather than use chairs, have lower rates of back pain.

But it’s not practical for most of us to stand or squat for prolonged periods, so designers will continue to cook up new chair forms. The latest comes from David James France, an Australian chiropractor and equine enthusiast, who has concluded that saddles “[put] your spine in the perfect sitting posture.”

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France devised what he’s calling the Workhorse Saddle Chair, which he’s now aiming to get into mass production. Here’s his data and his envisioned usage of the design:

As someone who has seen a lot of newfangled chair designs, I’m always wary of the would-be gamechangers; at the same time, I realize that innovation happens when plucky upstarts are willing to take risks. And thankfully for France, Kickstarter backers do not share my skepticism. At press time the Workhorse had $88,944 in pledges on a $29,632 goal. The first production models should start shipping in March of 2019.

Source: core77

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