New Exoplanet Discovered Thanks To Radio Signals

And it looks similar to Earth. Will this be our new home in the future?

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Experts have found a planet that shares a lot of characteristics with our planet– from size to orbiting around a star to having a magnetic field. The exoplanet, named YZ Ceti b, contains a magnetic field. This is an exciting discovery as the reason why our planet is habitable is because of its strong magnetic fields. These are responsible for enveloping our atmosphere and stripping away charged particles from that area. 

YZ Ceti b orbits a small red dwarf star and can be found 12 light years away from the Earth. The scientists found the exoplanet thanks to repeating radio signals coming from YZ Ceti b. They hypothesize that the signals could be a result of particle interactions between the exoplanet’s magnetic field and the star it orbits around on.

Learn more about the exoplanet here.

Image credit: Huebert World

Source: neatorama

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