New Mural by Etnik in Turin, Italy

Graffiti-artist Etnik is back with another big wall. This new mural is located in front of a school in Turin, Italy. The idea of this wall was born during the lockdown. Etnik with this paint wants to create a window with a fantastic landscape behind, for the children that will come back to school after 7 months of staying home.  So it is a sort of surprise for the younger kids and the people who walk in front of the wall.
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Alessandro Battisti aka Etnik is considered as one of the most active and accomplished urban artist in Italy. He has experienced and assimilated the transition to post-graffiti and Street Art. From 2001 his style started to evolve into geometrical and architectural forms with letterings and a mixture of urban landscapes.
Take a look below for more images of Etnik’s mural.


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