New Species of Flower Trapped in Amber is 100 Million Years Old

The work of paleobiologist George Poinar Jr. inspired Michael Crichton to write Jurassic Park. Poinar’s latest published research introduces us to a tiny flower found embedded in amber 100 million years ago in what is now northern Myanmar.   

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The discovery is a type of angiosperm flowering plant and has been named Valviloculus pleristaminis. The stunningly well preserved specimen is a male flower which Poinar notes displays amazing detail.

“Despite being so small, the detail still remaining is amazing,” explains Poinar. “Our specimen was probably part of a cluster on the plant that contained many similar flowers, some possibly female. The male flower is tiny, about 2 millimeters across, but it has some 50 stamens arranged like a spiral, with anthers pointing toward the sky.”

What’s really groundbreaking about this flower is how it shows our timeline of continental drift may have to be adjusted. Poinar explains how at New Atlas. -via Damn Interesting

(Image credit: George Poinar Jr.)

Source: neatorama

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