New Stickers: Set No. 12

Back by request: Three sticker designs for your tool chest, nail cabinet or wall. These are available from my daughter Katherine’s etsy store. They are sold as a set, and yes, she ships internationally. Here are the stickers in this set.

‘Sharpen This’ Book Sticker
If you have the “Sharpen This” book and would like to add 20 percent more rudeness, this is the sticker for you. It is designed and sized to stick to the cover of the book over the book’s diestamp. The sticker features a 1,000-grit sharpening stone emblazoned with a bony and and slightly rude gesture.

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Nail Size Chart
Here’s a sticker that is actually useful. The sticker features the four most common size furniture nails (4d to 8d) in full size. So you can hold up any nail to the sticker and know what size the nail  is. The sticker also tells you what size wood the nail is designed to fasten. 

Tony Konovaloff Sticker
This sticker features one of my favorite quotes from Tony Konovaloff, a West coast furniture maker. The quote is emblazoned over a carving by David Bignell, a local carver and furniture maker.

These are high-quality 100-percent vinyl stickers, which are weatherproof. Made in the USA by Stickermule. You can buy the stickers here.

— Christopher Schwarz


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