New Trend: People Hiring Proxies to Attend Job Interviews for Them

Do you find it awkward to sell yourself during a job interview? Do you want a job that you’re unqualified for and wouldn’t be able to fake competence at during a job interview? If yes, then there are people that can help.

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Business Insider reports that some companies that do a lot of remote work, hire people through online interviews, or overseas jobs are encountering proxies. These are people who pretend to be the actual applicants. Such applicants may pay stand-ins up to $150 per hour to disguise themselves as the applicants and bluff their way through interviews. This is especially common for knowledge workers, such as those in information technology fields.

Companies that are deceived by this practice run the risk of hiring incompetent workers or suffering reputational damage when the scam is exposed. So make sure that your proxy wears a really convincing mask.

-via Marginal Revolution

Source: neatorama

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