Newest Facebook Feed Glitch Has The Internet In Stitches (36 Reactions)

No king rules forever—and no social media website is immune to bugs, glitches, and hacks! Something weird is happening over on Facebook, and it’s confused the heck out of thousands. Some users have reported a bizarre glitch affecting their social media feeds.

Specifically, users reported seeing posts from absolutely random people they don’t know leaving comments on celebrity pages that they don’t follow themselves. Internet users took to other sites like Twitter to share their experiences, and we’ve collected the funniest and most on-point reactions to the whole spectacle.

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Scroll down and upvote the reactions you thought were the best, Pandas. Have you personally been affected by the Facebook celebrity glitch? What do you think of users taking this opportunity to say ‘hi’ to random stars and to post memes on their pages? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Obviously, most users would take a hilarious glitch over a malicious one pretty much any day of the week. However, the Facebook celeb glitch also proves that no network is too big to fail. Every site has some weaknesses, and some bugs can lead to thoroughly confusing outcomes.

At the time of writing, Facebook and its parent company Meta had yet to comment on the glitch. However, later, a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch this in a statement: “We’re aware that some people are having trouble with their Facebook Feed. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Facebook users flooded Twitter and other social media sites to report the bug: they were seeing random people commenting on celebrity pages on their feeds. Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to send random memes to various stars.




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However, not everyone experienced the glitch, e.g. yours truly’s feed was unchanged. However, Bored Panda has confirmed for a fact that the glitch is real: one person revealed to us that their feed was full of comments related to Cristiano Ronaldo and Ben Shapiro.

According to Downdetector, there was a massive spike in problems on Facebook, on Wednesday morning, August 24. The incident also drew attention to the somewhat amusing fact that most people will flood Twitter the very moment that Facebook or Instagram has some issues. It’s become an internet tradition, really.

Internet users tend to jump on over to Twitter when there’s something wrong with Facebook or Instagram because it offers a good alternative way to communicate with each other. What’s more, many people from the media and the tech sector tend to be very active on Twitter.


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Moreover, the FB glitch gave some users a peek at how a part of the network they might never have seen before behaves. It really made the scales drop from some people’s eyes. It’s eye-opening to realize just how much some folks comment on celebrity pages and what kind of comments they share.

In short, it was definitely a way to experience something new… though, ideally, people would have the ability to opt-in instead of having this type of ‘surprise’ sprung up on them.


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The culture on different social media networks is very different. And many users tend to have their preferred place where they share their thoughts and chat with people. Twitter users, for instance, tend to be very proud members of the network, even though they do recognize that it has certain flaws when compared to certain alternatives.


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A while back, Bored Panda spoke to comedy writer Ariane Sherine, who has been using Twitter for over 13 years, to learn more about the network’s culture. She noted that there are both pros and cons to being on Twitter. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re ever thinking of switching from Facebook for good.


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“I think Twitter attracts more intelligent and witty users than other social media networks because it’s primarily text-based and lends itself to brevity, concision, and humor. People also seem to be a lot more cynical on there, and angrier too,” Ariane explained to Bored Panda what Twitter tends to be like.


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“The character limit differentiates it from every other network, enabling you to read posts more quickly. I personally love it and am on there all the time,” the comedy writer said that Twitter works for her, warts and all.


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At the same time, Ariane warned that Twitter “is definitely darker” than other social media networks. Though that same quality, arguably, makes the network more genuine. “I kind of like that though, it’s real,” the comedy writer told us.


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“To avoid getting canceled, just steer clear of hot button topics like race, etc, because it’s very easy to inadvertently say the wrong thing, and try not to make any jokes that could be misconstrued as your genuine opinion, even if you’re just being ironic,” she said.


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“The positives for me are: meeting great people I otherwise wouldn’t have, learning about fun trends such as Wordle which would otherwise have passed me by, keeping up with news stories and hot takes on them, discovering cool accounts, getting DM’d with work opportunities, going viral with jokes,” Ariane shared some of the bonuses that come with going on Twitter.


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