Newly Discovered "Alien" Predatory Flatworm is Named After COVID-19

🐍 This newly discovered hammerhead flatworm looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie and it now has a name that befits its terrifying look: the predatory nematode was named after COVID-19. But don’t be too afraid of this new species, it’s only about a half-an-inch long.

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🐔 Why did the chicken cross the road? To steal Pentagon’s secrets.

🧱 Starting in 1979, prison authorities started painting the walls pink to make the inmates less aggressive and weaker. At least that’s what the psychology of color purportedly show. But does it actually work?

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🖱️ Build it from scratch: DIY wireless mouse built from an actual NES gamepad.

🧟 Finally! A jacket that is built to withstand black lava, flash fires, chemical erosion and perhaps even zombie attacks. Meet the Apocalypse Jacket (though at $1,295, the first victim of the financial apocalypse of buying the jacket would be my wallet).

🧯 News you can use: Practical ways to safeguard your house against wildfires.

🦜 Klepto parrot stole a family’s GoPro and took it a on a its getaway flight while it was still filming.

🚗 New Orleans mom created a car magnet that reads “Don’t Carjack Me, Kids Inside” (but she didn’t say “pretty please” so we’re not sure how effective this will be.)

🤣 The secret of plugging in a USB on the first try is gentle persuasion of your preferred caliber.

🧥 Dryrobe is a half-towel/half-jacket fashion phenom that is dividing society. Wear it with crocs or Uggs and a MAGA hat for maximum societal disruption effect.

Images: Pierre Gros, champx/Instructables, WGNO

🦝 Featured art: Ready for Another Trash Year by indie artist TechraNova. It’s a more realistic New Year’s resolution!

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Source: neatorama

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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