Nifty Design for a Compact Ratcheting Screwdriver for Bike Repair

This Lollipop ratcheting screwdriver, patented in the U.S. by Taiwanese bicycle tool company 711L, appears to be a simple shaft with a knurled grip.

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But if you need some extra leverage, you can pull the red endcap out. It’s attached to a shaft that terminates in a knife hinge, so you can make the tool L-shaped, giving you that extra bit of torque.

The magnetic driver comes with eight bits.

It can also be used as an extension for one of the company’s more conventional mini-ratchets.

The silver version you see is stainless steel, and runs $70. The black version is aluminum and a bit cheaper at $56.

You can order the stainless steel version with this magnetic storage base, which drives the price up to $80. (The base not only stores the bits magnetically, but is magnetic on the bottom and can itself be stuck to a metal cabinet, for instance. It’s strong enough to hold the entire thing sideways.)

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Source: core77

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