Nifty Design for a Space-Saving, Wall-Mounted, Heated Drying Rack for Boots and Gloves

French manufacturer Koralp makes this nifty K-Stokdry-A, a wall-mounted gloves/boots drying rack, presumably designed for ski lodges. Billed as space-saving, the bulk of it is just 4cm thick.

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The unit up top sucks in air…

…heats it, and distributes it through tubes down to holes in the brackets, of which there are both glove- and boot-accommodating varieties.

Both types of holders are connected to, or have integrated, spring-loaded valves, so that the warm air only blows out of the tubes when something is hanging from the bracket.

The system offers a lot of different configurations, and the company notes that the glove brackets will also accommodate helmets.

It’s a pretty cool system. I own an old floor-mounted DryGuy boot dryer, which works well enough, but there’s just never a convenient place to put it; if I spent more time in wet weather, I’d be giving the K-Stokdry-A a hard look.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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