Nightmare Bosses

Of the many horrors you can have on a job, one that you can do very little about is a bad boss. But did you ever work for a supervisor that was so bad you had to write to an advice column about him/her? Alison Green answers questions at the advice column Ask a Manager, and has read some pretty awful workplace stories.  

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The owner of the company has a brother who needs a liver transplant. Two weeks ago, a company-wide memo went out that all employees would be required to undergo testing to see if they were a suitable liver donor for the owner’s brother. No exceptions.

Last week at the branch the owner works out of most of the time, his assistant went around to schedule days off for everyone so they could go get tested. People who declined were let go. … I’m in remission from cancer. I’m ineligible to donate and any kind of surgery would put a major strain on my system. Even if I was healthy, I would still object to possibly being forced into donating an organ just to keep my job.

Believe it or not, that’s not the worst of the eight worst stories about nightmare bosses at Slate.

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