Nightmarishly Beautiful Illustrations Of Reimagined Asian Myths

Fashion illustration and fashion design aren’t exactly the same thing, since designs are used to make clothing but fashion illustrations often feature clothing that would be virtually impossible to duplicate in real life.

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So fashion designers will look at Tina Jiang‘s amazing illustrations and get a bit frustrated, after they wipe the drool from their chins, because the clothes featured in Tina’s illustrations look amazing but they’d be a nightmare to make.  


But Tina’s fantastic illustrations aren’t all about the clothes- each one tells a story inspired by mythology:

The 28-year-old UC Davis BFA synthesizes powerful poltergeists and etherial deities from a variety of folkloric traditions on her Instagram account.

“I get most of my inspiration from Asian folklore, some Greek mythologies, and a rare few from my dreams,” she tells Creators. “I get some pretty vivid dreams.”


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Source: neatorama

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