Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ Baby Just Turned 30 And Is Now Suing The Band For Over $2M, People Roast Him

When you think of Nirvana, their iconic second album Nevermind is probably the first thing that pops into your head. But the famous baby on the cover, now a 30-year-old man named Spencer Elden, has turned out to be less than happy with such worldwide recognition.

In fact, Elden filed a lawsuit against the band, alleging that one of the most important covers in music history that features a nude image of him constitutes child pornography.

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“The images exposed Spencer’s intimate body part and lasciviously displayed Spencer’s genitals from the time he was an infant to the present day,” state legal documents filed in California this week. Moreover, Elden’s Lawyer, Robert Y. Lewis, argues that the currency, a dollar bill in the shot, makes the baby look like “a sex worker.”

It’s reported that Elden is seeking at least $150,000 in damages from each of Nirvana’s members. But understandably, many people are not buying it. After all, Elden himself recreated the iconic cover he now despises for the record’s 25th anniversary.

So let’s see some reactions to the lawsuit below and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Some people pointed out that Elden has recreated the Nevermind cover numerous times throughout the years

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Others noted that he literally tattooed his chest as a tribute to Nevermind

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And this is how people reacted to Elden’s lawsuit against Nirvana

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