Nissan's Mobile Office Pod Concept Van

A couple of years ago, Nissan came up with this concept for a mobile workshop based on their NV300. It was designed specifically with craftspeople in mind.

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Now, inspired by the pandemic, its effects on society and a healthy desire to retreat into pure fantasy, they’ve designed a mobile office pod aimed at deskbound drones living the WFH reality.

Based on their NV350 Caravan and kitted out with all-terrain tires, the concept imagines–assuming you can get a signal/Wi-Fi–that you can drive to the secluded space in nature of your choice, slide the desk module (and fancy Herman Miller chair) out of the back, and breathe in fresh air while you work.

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One thing I can’t figure out is why they went with the goofy texture for the exterior:

You folks ever wash a vehicle after it’s been “out in nature?” Trust me, you want less surfacing effects, not more!

Source: core77

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