No More Pyrex? Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

If you’re a fan of Pyrex and Snapware’s stuff, and intended to pick up more, now would be the time to do it. This week their parent company, Instant Brands, has filed for bankruptcy. While the company remained profitable through the pandemic, they cite current “macro-challenges beyond our control that have impacted our business” rendering their current debt levels “unsustainable.”

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The bankruptcy earlier this year of Bed Bath & Beyond, which carried Instant Brands’ products, likely played a role. Tupperware, which had not filed for bankruptcy at press time but looked to be headed in that direction, is ailing as well; who knew food storage objects were such a volatile category?

It would be a shame to see a venerated brand like Pyrex, which was first introduced in 1915, bite the dust. I find their glass measuring cups ergonomically superior to the junk they sell at the big boxes.

Somehow I doubt that whatever brand steps up to fill the void will be both affordable and high-quality; these days manufacturers seem obsessed with producing either “luxury” goods or race-to-the-bottom junk at the lowest possible price.

Source: core77

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