“No One Thinks About The Night Crew”: Worker Who Starts Shift At 4 PM Finds A Way To Maliciously Comply And Not Attend 10 PM Meetings

Know those work meetings that could have been an email? How about those that seem like a bigger waste of time than watching 1-star-rated movies on IMDb? Last but not least, how can we forget the meetings that seem like an ego boost for the CEO—they’re working so hard, aren’t they?

Take all of that and imagine having those meetings outside of your work hours. It would be pure torture. This is the kind of reality these night workers had to deal with, but, thankfully, one employee managed to find the loose screw in this not-so-well-oiled machine, hidden right inside the work contract.

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Redditor u/Supervisorconfession shared the story on the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit, and it garnered quite a bit of attention. Like, 13.5k upvotes worth of attention. Make sure you leave your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, and if you’re eager to read more similar stories after this one, we have another one right here. Let’s get into it!

Workplace meetings are a drag on the best of days; however, imagine attending one of those meetings outside of your working hours

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One night shift worker decided enough was enough and managed to find the way out right within the company’s work contract

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Image credits: Supervisorconfession

As painfully inconvenient as work meetings tend to be, they are important for a company’s health. According to Indeed, they allow teams to discuss ideas, share information, or offer solutions to challenges. You know the saying, “two heads are better than one”? Now imagine dozens of heads that know their stuff in attendance at a meeting…

From celebrating important achievements together to remaining informed of significant changes happening within the company, well-structured meetings can improve employee engagement and facilitate inclusion in matters, as well as encourage creative thinking and innovation. Furthermore, if employees are encouraged to give feedback, it can lead to quicker improvements being made.

However—this is where the malicious compliance comes into play—these meetings should never take place after working hours, regardless of circumstances. Whether it overruns by 15 minutes or requires workers to put in effort to be at the meetings, as it did the night workers in this story, the workers should have the opportunity to say, ‘Nah fam, I’m out. Have a good one!’

As argued by Mina Sahota, having meetings outside of working hours negatively affects the organization’s inclusive workplace culture. It affects people who have commitments outside of the workplace, those who rely on transit or other rideshare arrangements, those who work other jobs, and those who attend support group meetings, therapy, and medical appointments after work.

And how can we forget about those who are responsible for the well-being and care of aging parents? How about those going to fitness classes, outdoor activities, social events, and those who have pets at home waiting to be walked, fed, and cared for? Those who are attending night school, and those who volunteer after hours?

What about the very important yet obvious group of people that just want to have a shower, eat food, and watch Netflix? Also those with kids. All of these groups will most likely not think that a work meeting that could have happened during a coffee break is going to take precedence over everything else.

The time for sacrificing our well-being for work is becoming old news very quickly, and workplaces should start considering this fact all the more often.

We’re glad that the OP managed to secure such a big win for him and his team, all thanks to some good ole compliance with the rules! Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments below, as well as any stories you may have! Look forward to seeing you all in the next one! See ya!

The online community rejoiced at this victory, sharing their own experiences and struggles. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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