No Social Distancing Required: Personal Protective Suit Concept Designed for Nightlife

Creative consultancy Production Club has unveiled the Micrashell, their concept design for a personal protective suit that would allow the music, live event and nightlife communities to get going again. Covered from head to toe, wearers needn’t worry about transmitting or receiving COVID-19, though they could transmit and receive audio via the onboard sound system.

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And yes, they’ve considered vice inputs too. Wearers could snap-fit booze and vape cartridges into the mouthpiece. (It would be amusing to watch their helmet fill with smoke.)

Here’s the full list of features:

Overall: Air-tight top suit and helmet are made of tactical high-performance and cut-resistant fabric, developed for durability, endurance and easy disinfecting procedures. Top-half design allows the user to easily slip on and use the restroom (or even engage in sexual intercourse) without having to take off the suit.

Air-Filtration Helmet: The helmet uses a particulate filtration system based on the N95 standard approved by NIOSH. The necessary fit-testing exercises will take place in a test chamber following OSHA guidelines. Outside of the US other standards may be followed (FFP2 / KN95 / P2 / DS FFR)

Visibility: The helmet is made of hybrid materials including a clear but stiff shield that protects the eye region for easy visibility while the rest of the helmet is made from a softer but see-through material to allow for easier neck rotation. The entire helmet is clear to allow for unobscured views of users’ facial expressions to maximize emotional connection.

Voice Communication: Wireless voice communication system based on physical proximity and orientation, and user-defined rules for social interaction, such as privacy settings. The control system additionally allows users to control the audio levels of different external sources individually, and modify how their voice is presented/streamed to other users in real time.

Sound System & Audio Processing: Integrated, controllable internal speaker system that allows users to listen to live music in 3 modes: directly streamed from the DJ/band (dry), as an emulation of the room’s sound based on Psychoacoustics (wet), and as a passthrough from the room thanks to the suit’s embedded microphones. Contact bass speaker cones integrated in the back area to transmit low frequencies under 150Hz by direct contact with the user’s body.

Video Camera: Pan + Tilt camera system with RGB LED monitoring has three main functionalities: “camera app” function that connects with your phone to take snaps and videos; “chest eye” system that allows users to see in realtime things that their suit or helmet subsystems might be occluding; and proactive computer vision safety recording based on AI analysis of external agents.

Phone Integration: The suit has a custom pocket for the user’s smartphone (data and power), which allows the user to control the suit seamlessly.

Beverage & Vape Consumption: Users will be able to safely consume drinks and vape via specially designed loading chambers underneath the helmet. These supplies are contained inside easy-snap sealed canisters, making them not accessible by anyone besides the user and the bartender.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Fashion Accessories & Add-Ons: Strap system allowing expandable garment to fit people of different sizes; quick attachment features across the pouch and suit allowing for add-ons and fashion customization (ie patches, velcro, magnets, hooks, as well as an accessible NFC pouch.

Lighting Communication System: Suit contains several groups of RGBW lights that can be customized to serve as indicators of the user’s mood, needs, warnings, messages, desires and more. For example, a rainbow lighting chase effect across your suit can express joy, while a static red light could express “busy.” A green slowly intermittent shimmering light could express an “idle” or “resting” state.

“Can I buy you a drink cartridge?

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