“Nobody Lives There”: 33 Americans Reveal The Most Brutal And Hilarious Stereotypes They Hold About Each State

You could easily live in the US for your entire life and never set foot in all 50 states. In fact, the average American has only been to 17 of them. So it’s understandable that stereotypes spread like wildfire across the land of the free and the home of the brave.

One curious Reddit user from England reached out asking Americans to share the stereotypes that they associate with each state, and they did not hold back, so below, we’ve gathered some of their most amusing and brutally honest responses. If you’re an American panda, feel free to upvote the replies you agree with or set the record straight about what your state is really like, and enjoy hearing what your fellow countrymen think of you!

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Alabama is incestuous bible-thumpin’ rednecks.

Alaska is wild frontiersman.

Arkansas is obese small town folk who live in Walmart.

Arizona is retired Californian baby boomers.

California is weed-smoking surfer movie star tech bro commie valley girls.

Colorado are mountain Californians with somehow even more weed.

Connecticut is elitist yuppies.

Delaware is… I don’t even know. Car dealerships and ticket attorneys?

Florida is retired East Coasters with a special blend of crazy.

Georgia is southern belles and rappers.

Hawaii is surfers with leis.

Idaho is potato-growing country bumpkins.

Illinois doesn’t really have any stereotypes. It’s one of the most average states. Lots of corn here.

Indiana is s***tier Illinois. Oh, and corn.

Iowa is corn.

Kansas is more corn.

Kentucky is horse riders and rednecks.

Louisiana are Cajun and Creole priests, chefs and witch doctors.

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Maine are flannel wearing lobstermen.

Maryland are politicians and gangsters, I guess.

Massachusetts all go to Irish pubs to catch a sports games and eat clam chowder while jerking each other off about New York.

Michigan is an apocalyptic wasteland.

Minnesotans are overly kind and have goofy accents.

Mississippi are bible-thumpin’ rednecks, with less incest than Alabama but somehow more poverty.

Missouri is half delicious barbecue and half methheads strung out in trailer parks.

Montana is mostly grizzly bears.

Nebraska is more corn.

Nevada is godless gamblers and strippers.

New Hampshire is libertarians.

New Jersey is sunburnt mobsters.

New Mexico is chili-slurping aliens, of both varieties.

New York is gangsters and wall street execs who are rude, impatient and think they are the center of the universe.

North Carolina are overly gracious but a little dumb southern folk.

North Dakota is empty.

Ohio is pretty average. Read: Illinois.

Oklahoma is corn with an extra dose of rednecks.

Oregon is hipsters and socialists.

Pennsylvania is pretty average. Read: Illinois and Ohio. They have the Amish I guess?

Rhode Island are often forgotten yuppies.

South Carolina is North Carolina and Florida’s inbred child.

South Dakota is empty.

Tennessee is country and blues musicians.

Texas is gun wielding pastors and cowboys who love their state a little *too* much.

Utah is Mormons.

Vermont is rich socialists. Odd, I know.

Virginia is also pretty average. Read: Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Washington is Oregon’s slightly saner and even rainier (heh) cousin.

West Virginia is inbred hillbillies and miners.

Wisconsin is cheese and beer.

Wyoming is empty.

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It’s all relative in West Virginia!

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People from Texas, REALLY LOVE being from Texas.

People from the Midwest are nice

People from Minesota are really nice

New Yorkers are rude

People from New Jersey are extremely rude

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I’m kind of upset that only 2 people mentioned Alaska. We’re a f*****g state too, you pricks. And bigger than Texas to boot.

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California people are all sun-baked, laid back, and have nasally voices (especially SoCal).

The deep south has two different stereotypes, the typical redneck and the classy, overly polite, gracious southerner.

New Yorkers are always in a rush, rude, crass, high-strung.

New Jersey are all rude and trashy, with bad tans and a grudge against New York.

Minnesotans are the most genuinely nice people ever, with adorable accents to match.

Ohio is stereotypically bland, middle America with nothing special.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is full of gun-toting, flannel wearing lunatics (same with Maine).

Washingtonians are flannel wearing introverts with an obsession with Starbucks.

Texas is…Texas.

Florida is a land of wife-beater wearing, alligator f*****g madlads.

Vermonters are hill commies.

New Hampshirites are libertarian Vermonters.

Etc, etc.

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Well, we pretend people from the center part of our state don’t even exist

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Wisconsin is very drunk. Not an unfounded stereotype, our drinking culture is pretty out of control and there’s been data that shows we have more bars than grocery stores that I’m too lazy to find.

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Ohio: They’re famous for eating their own boogers.

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Connecticut, when remebered, is believed to be populated by wealthy preps wearing pearl necklaces. Only true in small parts of the state – we have the largest income discrepancy in America!

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Ha, you should try visiting San Francisco. We are experts at layering because we have so many different microclimates. You can go from sunny to foggy to chilly all within a few miles or even in the same spot depending on the time of day.

People who think SF is “sunny California” will be in for a shock….

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I’m from MA. People assume we’re either tweed-wearing college professors, bank robbing townies, or literal cod fishermen.

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Ma**holes are usually terrible drivers, obnoxious sports fans (but not like european hooligans), yet more than likely have some type of higher-level education.

Source: Am Ma**hole

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Far southern tends to display acute allergic reactions to a little snow, while Maine and Michigan say “bro, this is still swimsuit weather!”

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St. Louis is basically Connecticut. Half of it’s fancy suburb and half of it’s 3rd world ghetto. Southeast Missouri’s where you go to get [drugs]. Springfield-Branson area’s an evangelical Mecca. And Brad Pitt. All of the north and northwest, even KC, is fairly boring. Columbia’s an average college town.

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California – Pretentious and fake people. Too expensive for people to live so full of homeless people. Best weather in the country, probably the world (especially in Southern California)

Oregon – Tree hugging Hippies

Washington – Rainy and tech companies

Idaho – Where potatoes come from

Nevada – Casinos and hookers

Montana – Not many people, they all have guns and hunt.

Wyoming – No one lives here

Utah – Mormons

Arizona – Desert rednecks

Colorado – 420 blaze it , big mountains

New Mexico – Native Americans and where breaking bad took place

North Dakota – Oil

South Dakota – Mount Rushmore is here. That’s all

Nebraska – Where our food is grown

Kansas – Corn fields and home of the most hated church in the country (westboro baptist church)

Oklahoma – Basically Texas but poorer

Texas – Everything is big here, people most proud of their state. Lots of Oil drilling

Minnesota – Basically wealthier Canadians, lots of lakes

Iowa – Our food is also grown here.

Missouri – The name explains itself.

Arkansas – Poverty and where Walmart started

Wisconsin – Where cheese is made. Also home of the green bay packers the smallest city in America with a NFL team by far.

Illinois – Basically Chicago runs the state. Lots of crime and murder here home of some of the worst cities in America with Chicagos south side, and east Saint Louis.

Indiana – Indi 500 racetrack is here. Also Notre Dame

Ohio – Most average state. Take basically any statistic and it’ll be about average. Wright brothers were born here (the birthplace of aviation).

Michigan – Big rivalry with Ohio because of football and also territorial disputes. Rivals Illinois with having some of the worst cities in America because Detroit and Flint Michigan. Isn’t even able to give its people uncontaminated water after years.

Louisiana – Cajun food, used to be French, lots of voodoo witchcraft stuff and swamps.

Mississippi – Poorest and worst State in the Union, if your State is s**t you say thank god for Mississippi because it’s worse.

Alabama – College football has overtaken these poor souls lives

Florida – The more North you go the more South you really go. Rednecks up top and Cubans in Miami. Old people go here to retire and die because it’s warm all year long.

Georgia – Home to Atlanta probably the city where most black American culture comes from.

South Carolina – Famous southern drawl (accent). Has good barbecue

North Carolina – Basically South Carolina but less redneck

Virginia – Basically the beginning of the south (technically Maryland is, but not culturally). Big Navy Base here usually has most of our aircraft carriers.

Tennessee – Country Music

Kentucky – People with no teeth, horse racing.

West Virginia – Appalachia and mountains. Lots of poor people.

Washington D.C. not a State but is a big city and should probably be one. People here don’t have voter representation. Lots of Museums and where all our politicians live.

Maryland – Technically the South but culturally, the first North Eastern State.

Delaware – Not many people live here but lots of businesses say they do because low taxes.

Pennsylvania – Where the rust belt (Pittsburgh) and the North East (Philadelphia) connect. Home of the first US capital City, Philadelphia. Has good cheese steak sandwiches.

New Jersey – A lot of New York City suburbs are here. A lot of people for being a fairly small State.

New York – Home of the biggest city in the US, New York City a huge financial center. Baseball is popular here. New York City is not the only big city in this state, there are a few other big ones (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany). Also home of the beautiful side of Niagara falls (but the bad view of it)

Connecticut – Where rich New Yorkers move to be close to the City but still away from it.

Rhode Island – Smallest US state. Is not Actually an Island but Islands make up a chunk of the state.

Massachusetts – Home of Plymouth Rock where the pilgrims first landed. Huge amounts of Universities/Colleges here literally over a hundred just around Boston. Has good clam chowder.

Vermont – The most Socialist state, tried to get universal healthcare but abandoned it because they couldn’t afford it because their taxes weren’t high enough. Where Bernie Sanders is Senator. Also where the US gets maple syrup.

New Hampshire – Doesn’t really have a major city, is more of a Boston suburb.

Maine – Mostly forest, known for fishing

Alaska – Lots of oil is drilled here. Very cold.

Hawaii – Most expensive State, year long warm temperature and home of Honolulu probably the most isolated major city in the world.

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Everything between Pittsburgh and Philly is Amish or rednecks. Or Amish rednecks.

People in Alabama sleep with their sisters.

Louisiana is full of people who talk some weird hybrid of French and English that no one else on Earth can understand. Also ghosts. Also bacchanalia.

Florida is full of the wackiest criminals.

California is full of serial [criminals] and surfers. Except LA. Nobody is from LA.

It always rains in Washington state, especially Seattle.

Happy 1998, Oregon! Watch out for that Y2k thing though.

Wisconsin is full of yetis.

New Yorkers are always in a rush, and one of the things they’re in the biggest hurry to do is put down people from New Jersey.

New Jersey is full of rich white trash.

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The Southern states in general (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma): Fat, racist, inbred rednecks who love guns, Jesus, and college football. You can get a little more specific in parts, like West Virginia is full of bizarre mountain folk like in Deliverance, Louisianans are Cajuns, Floridians are insane drug addicts, etc.

New England states in general (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut): Antisocial, frugal Yankees who can also be pretty arrogant and dismissive of other parts of the country. Decent chunk of the population is irreligious.

California: Surfers, tech-bros, hippies, and fake/shallow people who desperately want to be in show business and have plastic surgery as birthday gifts. They move to other states and ruin them.

Colorado: Weed smoking snowboarders/skiers who hate Californians.

Connecticut: A bunch of rich people. Half of the state is part of New England, the other half was annexed by New York, sport rivalries ensue.

Delaware: Doesn’t exist, is actually just a PO box for corporations to place their headquarters, the federal government perpetuates the lie that Delaware is real. Stay woke.

Hawaii: Hula girls, retirees, surfers, and homeless people who were sent from the mainland.

Illinois: Farmers, unless you’re from Chicago, then you’re a criminal.

Idaho/Indiana/Iowa/Kansas/Nebraska: Yet more farmers.

Maine: Flannel-wearing lobster fishermen, only word they can say is “ayuh”.

Maryland: People who eat a s**t-ton of crabs, they really like their flag. If you’re from Baltimore, you’re a criminal. If you’re from outside Baltimore, you’re a redneck.

Massachusetts: Either a hyper-intelligent MIT geek, or an Irish-American who won’t shut up about how great their sports teams all are. Hates people from New York. Live off of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota: Super friendly Scandanavian-Americans like in “Fargo”, can also be super passive-aggressive.

Alaska/Arizona/Missouri/Montana/Nevada/New Mexico/Wyoming: No idea.

New Hampshire: Libertarians who refuse to wear helmets or seatbelts. Hate people from Massachusetts but commute down there for work.

New Jersey: Italian-American mobsters a la Sopranos, big inferiority complex towards New York.

New York (city): Loud and obnoxious people who physically cannot stop talking about “New Yawk” and how amazing it is. Hate people from Massachusetts.

Ohio: Generic, flavorless Middle-America. Sucks and every Ohioan wants to escape it, which is why the Wright Brothers and a bunch of astronauts are from there.

Oregon/Washington: Tech-bros and quirky, crunchy-granola hipsters, see the TV show “Portlandia”.

Pennsylvania: If you’re from Philly, you’re a violent thug. If you’re from Pittsburgh, you’re a Yinzer. If you’re from anywhere in between, you’re a Pennsyltucky redneck.

Rhode Island: Most Italian-Americans in the country, big inferiority complex towards Massachusetts, loves drinking “coffee milk”. Hate people from Massachusetts.

Texas: Oil-tycoons and cowboys, they love Texas more than America itself, hate Californians.

Utah: Weird Mormons with massive families and magic underwear.

Vermont: Farmers, socialists, retired hippies, all covered in maple syrup.

Michigan/Wisconsin: Dairy farmers with really obnoxious accents. Michigan’s upper peninsula is inhabited by a people called “Yoopers” who are a weird mix of Scandinavian American and Canadian.

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As a tourist, I find southerners far far more welcoming. Especially Texans. I f***ing love you guys

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Arizona- We are actually cactus cat-fishing everyone, pretending we’re people.

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Southerners like far more sugar in their tea.

They also seem not to have good winter coats

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I’ve lived in Houston, Chicago, and New Haven, and done a lot of work in rural Texas and throughout Louisiana. I will avoid talking much about the west coast, because I know less about it.

Most of the differences are small. Houston is going to be more like Chicago than either one is like Bloomington or Beaumont. That said, there are a few.

People in the South are generally a bit more okay with “it happens when it happens” where people in the North want things to happen on time.

The South and Midwest care a lot about college sports. The North and West Coast do not.

The South will tell you their food is better than everybody else. This can be contentious, but is generally regarded as true.

The North is slightly more direct in its communication style, where the South and Midwest focus a bit more on politeness.

The North puts a bigger focus on educational prestige and ranking colleges. In the South and Midwest, your state’s public university is basically as good as Harvard as far as employers are concerned.

The racism is very different. If you live in the South, you know Black people, where I’ve met a surprisingly large number of people in Chicago and the Northeast who have never had a personal relationship with anybody from another racial group. So you’re more likely to hear something outright hateful from an old southerner, but you hear a lot more mundane but frustrating ignorance in the North.

The South is poorer. It just is. Especially if you take out Texas, Nashville, and suburban Atlanta, it gets really noticeable really fast.

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To elaborate on the west coast: in California at least, we have a very robust community college system, and in general the emphasis of education has to do with technical specialization, i.e. industry employers favoring schools not because of prestige, but for notable departments or programs. (Though unfortunately this can also lead to industries using excessive technical training as a gatekeeping mechanism, i.e. crazy high training requirements to be a hair dresser.)

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Illinois is difficult to define because the north is so different from the south, but maybe you could say northern Illinois (i.e., Chicago and its suburbs) is characterized as a friendly New York (i.e., kind city people), and southern Illinois is thought to be a sort of Greater Missouri (i.e., a tad bit racist and pretty boring but not obnoxiously so). These are just stereotypes, of course.

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As someone who has spent most of their life in the south but also spent a few years in the Midwest I would just add that they are both polite in different ways. People are very kind in both areas but in my experience midwesterners are a bit more reserved and maybe a little more cautious of outsiders. In the south you can strike up a conversation asking for directions and end up invited over for dinner to a strangers house and sent home with leftovers. In the Midwest they will kindly point you in the right direction and wish you well. It was honestly the biggest difference for me when living there, I grew up hugging people I just met, in the Midwest you start with a handshake.

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The other thing that got all my in-laws when they came from the west coast to New England was ordering “regular” coffee at dunks and getting it loaded up with cream and sugar.

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If you make it into a New Englander’s house without being someone’s +1, there’s a chance they’ll take a bullet for you.


All Californians are liberal

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Oregonians are super lefty, environmentally conscious and green, spiritual (but not religious, I’m talking new age hippies with their “healing crystals” and “auras” and anti-vaxx and all that b******t) and [REALLY REALLY LIKE WEED.]

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The biggest thing I’ve noticed is people don’t understand layering. My mom is from Montana and we visit frequently. But have also watched many NYC based sitcoms and picked up on multiple layers characters wear in the winter.

We went to NYC for Christmas one year and I would regularly have a thin long sleeve t-shirt or polo, with a quarter zip or hoodie and then my puffer coat on top


People in the South are waaaay more into high school football than anywhere else.


West Virginia: We’re all potato sack, shoeless, toothless, illiterate, moonshine swilling, hillbilly who f**k our mom’s, sister’s, daughters.

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All of Washington is like Seattle…not

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Does South Carolina even have stereotypes that do not apply to other Southern states?

Anyway, here go:

New York: There’s only NYC and the rest of the state. Those from the city are quite proud of it and might rival Texans, but the rest of the state hate that NYC is so influential and they get brushed aside.

Florida: Florida Man fighting gators.

Loiusiana: Secretly cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Texas: Everything is bigger there.

California: Rich people with tans and all surfers. Super liberal.

Wyoming: Nobody lives there

Utah: Mormons. Lots and lots of Mormons.

Oklahoma: Wannabe Southerners.

West Virginia: Mountains and moonshiners. Like Virginia, but to the west.

Kansas: flat plains, wind turbines and buffalo.

Missouri: Not as flat and boring as Kansas but still somehow nothing to do. It’s called Misery for a reason.

Mississippi: They have a river named after their state.

New Mexico: Like Mexico but new.

Illinois: Hey, it’s more than just Chicago.

Minnesota: Scandinavians, wannabe Vikings

Michigan: Hockey.

Delaware: What’s Delaware?

Massachusetts: Ma**holes.

New Jersey: Like Jersey, but new. Hate New Yorkers

New Hampshire: Libertarians

Colorado: Potheads, skiers and mountains.

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