Nomad’s ‘Battery Cable’ has a built-in battery and military grade durability

Nomad designs some of the best accessories for mobile devices. And the Battery Cable is no exception.

This 1.5m/5ft-long charging cable boasts ballistic 1000D nylon ad a kevlar core. Nomad engineered the cable to withstand “a rigorous 10,000 less test ensuring this cable will outlast other cables.” I’m looking at you, Apple. Durability aside, this cable comes with an inline battery pack (2350mAh) capable of fully charging an iPhone. When you plugged in, the cable uses its smarts to charge your iPhone fully up to 100% and then charges itself. So when you wake up, you not only have a juiced up smartphone, but a backup charge as well!

Nomad’s Battery Cable has been my daily driver for a few months now and, honestly, the convenience of having a battery pack embedded into an ultra rugged charging cable is incredible. This is a product designed from the ground up for the power user. In the future, I’d like Nomad Goods to really push the battery pack capacity to hold more charges.

So you’re an iPhone user? Not a problem! Nomad’s got you covered with a 3-in-1 universal cable – and yes, that includes USB-C support – for only $34.95. Click here!



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