Noon Smart Lighting System Brings Intelligence to Old Bulbs

Noon Smart Lighting System Brings Intelligence to Old Bulbs

Chances are the light switches in your home are the same type your parents used before you: a flip, dimmer dial, perhaps a rocker switch. Smart home startup Noon Home proposes a version 2.0 update – the Noon Smart Lighting System – one that connects and transforms a room’s existing lighting into a smart features-enabled experience without the need to invest in individual wi-fi connected bulbs..

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The first thing you’ll notice is the swipeable OLED panel, the centerpiece and command center of Noon’s system, which they call the Room Director. The all-black Room Director operates as the central hub, with an interface offering access to the system’s iconographic and programmed scenes (also accessible via the compatible app), while also wirelessly controlling a number of white colored Extension Switches via Bluetooth LE, each which otherwise operate like a normal switch.

Being a smart system, Noon is obviously accessible via smartphones and tablets via app, along with Alexa integration for hands-off voice commands.

The Room Director is engineered to scan and identify existing within a room and smart enough to detect which type of bulbs are in use (e.g. whether they’re dimmable or not); the system intelligently monitors how much power is being used by each bulb and creates optimized mood lighting scenes for a pleasing atmosphere according to this data. The system can be accessed by any of the switches and also via app.

Scenes take into account the three types of lighting – accent, task, and ambient – mixing them in layers to match specific activities. The system can store up to 6 scenes per room.

If you’ve ever wanted to switch to a smart-enabled lighting system with lighting settings available with a swipe and a tap, but loathe replacing all of our otherwise fine and long-lasting light bulbs – as is the case with many LEDs – the Noon Smart Lighting System offers a pleasing marriage between the familiarity of the traditional rocker switch with the newfangled smart features offered by smart wi-fi connected bulbs, and one with obvious application for home entertainment/theater lighting where lighting scenes and the OLED’s true black form factor seems an ideal match.

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