Nooz Optics' Minimalist, Handily-Portable Reading Glasses

For those not already saddled with eyeglasses or contacts, it can be handy to have a pair of reading glasses on hand. In New York City at least, menu font designers and restaurant lighting designers seem determined to make menus impossible to read. For situations like these, French company Nooz Optics has designed a super-portable, compact pair of reading glasses.

The polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant, and by doing away with the stems the designers have created an incredibly small form factor that tucks away into a slim, protective case. It’s thin enough that you can actually throw it into the pocket you use to hold your keys.

One design choice I question, however, is that they’ve left that unenclosed void in the middle. I understand they’re going for minimalism, but it seems to me that cavity would snag on my keys for sure.

In any case the glasses are just $20, and they come in both oval and rectangular styles and a plethora of colors.

Source: core77

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