Norwegian Movie Title Translations are a Hoot

It’s always fun to see how other countries title American movies. They can be literal translations, but often the marketing team wants to convey what the movie is about, and Hollywood titles often don’t do that. So a new title is created to work in whatever country the movie is shown in.

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The Norwegians learned a shortcut. For almost a hundred years, American comedies were retitled with the word Help! plus whatever the movie was about. They didn’t have to do that with the Beatles’ movie Help! The titles became a kind of shorthand to let the viewer know this is an American comedy with just one word. YouTuber SindrElf shows us how many Hollywood comedies got the Norwegian title treatment, which will have you giggling like a little kid eventually. You can read more about the titling trick at Mental Floss. Sadly, they don’t do this anymore because almost all Norwegians read enough English to keep the American titles.  

Source: neatorama

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