Not A Daft Punk Cosplay, But A Face Mask And Shield In One!

I would call it the right headpiece for someone’s Among Us cosplay, but I guess some people would recognize Daft Punk first before the little animated beans in a video game. Regardless, this equipment serves as a protector of your health and your privacy at the same time! The Blanc Mask, designed by Alexey Dolgushin, was created to work as a PPE but not look like one: 

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The Blanc provides a protective, full-face cover, giving you a tinted visor to look through, and specifically designed air-channels to breathe through. Two high-efficiency SGS-tested HEPA filters make sure the air you breathe is 99.97% pure, trapping any microparticles, microorganisms, and VOCs in the process. The mask itself offers an air-tight seal, while carefully calibrated pathways ensure the air you breathe always passes through a filter, giving you pure air with each breath. Air that you exhale passes out through outlets located at the base of the mask, ensuring your visor never gets fogged up. Should you choose, the Blanc even comes with a unique corrective visor system that gives you prescription visors, so you can effectively wear the mask without spectacles… although the mask’s inner padding offers enough space for you to wear your own glasses.

Image via Yanko Design 

Source: neatorama

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