Notable Furniture Design Innovations (Both Good and Bad!) from 2018

The established furniture forms have been around for centuries, but that never stops designers from messing about with them. Some innovations are useful, others are gimmicks intended to boost soft sales, others are experiments from artistic types, still others aren’t innovations at all, but feature elements brought back from the past. Here’s a list of what jumped out at us from the past twelve months, and we’ll leave it to you to tell us what was good and what was…un-good.

These Super-Beds from China Come Loaded With Accessories

Back to the Drawing Board

A Desk Designed with a Transparent Top for Crafters

How to Make Solid Wood Bed Frames Affordable: Use Cut-Offs from Other Furniture Businesses

Idiosyncratic Furniture Design: Guess How This Stool is Meant to Be Used

Ikea and Tom Dixon Collaboration Yields the Delaktig, an “Open Source Furniture” System

New Ergonomic Chair Design Based on Horse Saddles

Tables Featuring Urban Maps Finished with Photoluminescent Resin, Resembling Cities at Nighttime

An Over-the-Top Puzzle Cabinet by Craig Thibodeau

Elaborate Mechanisms in This Piece of Gun-Concealing Furniture

QLine Design’s Incredible Hidden Compartment Furniture Designs

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