Now Might Be a Really Good Time to Invest in a Bidet

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for toilet paper has skyrocketed and there may be no better time for a switch over to a bidet than right now. Not only does a bidet make for a more hygienic bathroom experience, it also in the long run can save you money and help the planet by reducing the need for toilet paper.

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet to make the switch, it certainly has been on the minds of other Americans, as demonstrated by the general explosion of sales. CEO of the millennial bidet company Tushy, Jason Ojalvo, just recently told the New York Post that in the month of March they’ve seen their profits increase tenfold.

Years ago, bidets were regarded as elite products, but thankfully the past decade has seen plenty of bidet toilet seat innovation going on resulting in much more affordable alternatives. For anyone curious, we did a bit of research to find 5 affordable yet well-designed bidets to order now.

But first: a few things to note about bidet installation

There are few important things to consider before investing in a bidet. Wirecutter has done a good job of describing some of the main pain points into a few key details: the need for an electric outlet (if you’re buying an electric vs. a mechanical bidet seat), the potential for leaks, and, well, the aesthetics of it all. One more detail to note is that with electric models, you’re going to need an outlet within 4 feet of your toilet. Given its chunky build, the bidet is also likely to sit you up at a slight angle due to the extra hardware in the back. There some methods for correcting this, which we’ve shared further below.

The 5 best affordable bidet toilet seats around the web

The Tushy Classic, ($79)

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense bidet, this classic mechanical model from Tushy for $79 makes for an easy install, and a simple knob that adjusts either the pressure or position of the nozzle. They also have a Spa model currently priced at $109 that includes temperature control if you want to level up.

LUXE Bidet NEO 185, ($79)

For anyone who has found themselves in a bathroom with a fully installed bidet, sometimes it can be hard to, well, aim the stream where you need it to go. The LUXE bidet is certainly not the fanciest of options, but makes up for that with personalized settings for different genders.

Brondell Lumawarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat, ($129)

If you want a slight upgrade from a mechanical seat at a still relatively low pricepoint, this electric seat offers a few key features—not only does it heat your seat, it also has a nightlight feature to avoid any awkward stumbling in the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600, (currently $369)

This electric bidet has a luxury price point, but is lauded by a wide range of people for its almost overwhelming amount of features. According to our research, the BB-600 has a heated seat, an air warm dryer, and perhaps most importantly, settings that allow for oscillating nozzle directions, adjustable temperature and water pressure, feminine wash, and, uh, massage? Despite the fact that the overall design is a bit of an eyesore, all of these features make this product an internet fan fave.

Sonny Portable Bidet, ($99)

We wrote about this one a while back, Sonny’s portable bidet designed by Box Clever—this new alternative to a traditional bidet is handheld (meaning you’re going to want to disinfect it thoroughly and regularly), saving you the trouble of any kind of tricky install. Sonny has been on Indiegogo for quite some time, but says it will be available soon in April 2020.

How to install the bidet toilet seat

Once you’re ready to install, here is a great visual guide of how to properly install different bidets from Home Depot. And don’t forget for electric models, you’re going to want to figure out a plan for how to plug your seat in, hopefully without a messy extension cord trailing through the length of your bathroom.

Toilet seat risers keep your seat level even with a bidet

And to account for any awkward angling of your toilet seat due to bidet install, it might be wise to also purchase some toilet seat risers to install under the front part of the toilet seat.

Happy washing!

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