Now Printing: ‘Euclid’s Door’

We are delighted to announce that “Euclid’s Door: Building the Tools of ‘By Hand & Eye’“ – the latest artisan geometry offering from George Walker and Jim Tolpin – is now at the printer. We’ve made the order page live in our store so that you can sign up to be notified when it’s available. (Just click the “notify me” button on the book’s page – Christopher Schwarz has written more about that new feature here, should you wish to read more about it.)

“Euclid’s Door” is an illustrated how-to journey through building eight wooden tools (tools that have been around since ancient times) that should be in every furniture maker’s toolbox. As you work your way through the making, you’ll also learn how to tune each tool to an incredibly high level – lessons that will be useful in all your work. (And the geometry really is easy to follow – even I, a mathphobic – had no trouble with it.)

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As are all Lost Art Press books, “Euclid’s Door” is being printed in the United States. It will be a cloth-covered hardbound 115-page book, with a sewn and glued binding for durability.

— Fitz


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