Now Shipping: Crucible Center Squares

The small Crucible Center Square in steel.

There are many ways to mark centerlines on workpieces that are square, round or octagonal. But we wanted a simple, compact, dedicated and beautiful tool for this everyday job.

The Crucible Center Square is based on a vintage tool owned by a bodger friend. His tool was compact but had a weight and shape that made it feel like a worry stone in your hand. The bodger wouldn’t part with his (we don’t blame him), so we decided to make our own.

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The underside of the Crucible Center Square.

Our Center Square comes in two versions. The smaller one (now available) is machined from a solid chunk of steel in Kentucky. It measures 3-1/4″ long x 1-5/8″ wide x almost 3/8″ thick overall. The working area of the blade is 2-7/16″ long and includes a 1/8″ hang hole. It is ideal for chairmakers or turners who need to mark the centers of spindles or sticks for turning or shaving.

The larger one will be available later in 2022.

Using the tool is simple. Press the workpiece against the 90° opening on the underside of the tool. Then scribe a pencil line or knife line along the tool’s blade. Rotate the workpiece and repeat.

In this video, Megan Fitzpatrick walks you through the process:


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