Now Shipping: Crucible Dividers, Type 2

The first batch of our new dividers are in the store and ready to ship. They are $110 plus domestic shipping.

These dividers are a top-to-bottom redesign of the tool. Lots has changed. They still work great, but they are built with a different aesthetic. Instead of being polished a near-perfect finish, these dividers are finished minimally off the mill. They are matte gray and there are small tool marks in evidence of how they were made. Our goal was to have the tool resemble what you would get from Stanley (or other top-line makers) in the early 20th century – not a custom tool.

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But boy do they work well.

A special thanks here to mechanical designer Josh Cook and machinist/mad scientist Craig Jackson for figuring out how to make these just like we intended, and at an affordable price (for a small-batch U.S. manufacturer).

If we sell out, don’t despair, we’re making a lot more.

— Christopher Schwarz


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