Nuts and Bolts ID: Polysulfone Surgical Storage Containers

Objects designed for medical environments are, by definition, sterile, so it’s hard to think of them as sexy. But Italian industrial designer Enrico Azzimonti did his damnedest with these surgical containers for client AB Medica:


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“Sterilization container made of PPSU (polysulfone) by thermoforming and pressure-forming. It is a tray for the operating room, designed with specific housings for the individual instruments it must contain.

“Design and technical production skills are combined to create a highly performing and completely customizable product.

“Logos, instructions and instrumentation codes are transported directly on the bodies of medical boxes and trays, in line with FDA directives.”


“Sterilizable container for operating rooms approved by the FDA.

“Design and ergonomics are combined with the knowledge of thermoforming and pressure-forming molding techniques: the result is a technically complex object with a strong aesthetic impact.

“A chemically inert PPSU container which also offers excellent mechanical resistance capable of withstanding very high continuous operating temperatures. Compatible with all types of sterilization, the materials used in the design are carefully selected to withstand thousands of cycles.”

You can see more of Azzimonti’s work here.

Source: core77

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