Obnoxious Stereotypes That Need To Die

You probably know what happens when you assume, but in case you don’t know simply divide “assume” into a beginning and end word with a letter U in the middle, starting with another word for butt.

Now that we’ve established it’s dumb to assume things about people let’s discuss dumb stereotypes that just won’t die, which often have to do with appearance.

Do you still assume “ethnic people” greet each other with elaborate handshakes and never need sunscreen because their skin is “already tan”? That’s what happens when you ass-u-me.

Here’s one John Farrier will appreciate- do you assume all librarians are little bespectacled old ladies? Better not let John hear you saying that, or you might get lost in the racks…

And here’s one I can relate to- smoking a pipe does not make you a hipster, and I was pipin’ like me grandpappy before it became part of the hipster trend, so let me pipe in peace!

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Source: neatorama

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