Obsessive Cutting Boards for Precision Cuts and Geometry

Some clever, unknown designer with a lasercutter figured out how to sell cutting boards to anal-retentive cooks. This Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, manufactured for novelty product company Fred and sold by the likes of Oddity Mall, is just a piece of laminated bamboo with angles, grids and measurements burned into it.

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As for who it’s aimed at, get a load of the copy:

“I find that celery cut at or below 3.45 inches is just too short, and therefore inedible, that’s why I need to use the OCD cutting board. I can now measure all my celery strips at 3.46 inches and above and have a terrific meal of perfection.”

There’s also this Cheese Degrees variant.

I think this category of objects falls into “What a stupid idea (that I wish I’d thought of first).” I bet this designer’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Source: core77

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