Ocean Currents Connect All Our Fisheries

We all depend on the ocean for life and sustenance. Many island nations and countries situated near the ocean need to take better care and manage their aquatic resources not just for their sake but also for the sake of everyone else. Research shows how ocean currents affect the migration of fish throughout the world in a map showing how they connect all our fisheries in one big network.

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“Now we have a map of how the world’s fisheries are interconnected, and where international cooperation is needed most urgently to conserve a natural resource that hundreds of millions of people rely on,” said co-author Kimberly Oremus, assistant professor at the University of Delaware’s School of Marine Science and Policy.

The research shows that ocean regions are connected to each other in what’s known as a “small world network”, the same phenomenon that allows strangers to be linked by six degrees of separation. That adds a potential new risk: threats in one part of the world could result in a cascade of stresses, affecting one region after another.

(Image Credit: Nandini Ramesh, University of California, Berkeley)

Source: neatorama

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