“Oddly Terrifying”: 50 Times People Spotted Creepy Things And Just Had To Share Them (New Pics)

Even though we are way past Halloween and should be focused on all that Christmas cheer, it’s hard to avoid having some chills going down our spines every now and then. And no, not because of the cold winter nights crawling on us, we mean real creepy stuff.

The internet is famous for its random and disturbing content, so we cannot help but spread the most interesting bits we find! So let’s plunge into the subreddit r/oddlyterrifying, a place that, as you might have guessed, is dedicated to sharing strangely terrifying images. It has 2.5M members, which isn’t that surprising considering the pictures there are weirdly enticing to look at.

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Scroll down through the newest stack of tingly scenes and don’t forget to check out our previous posts here, here and here.

#1 Hate Waking Up To This

Image credits: skollywag92

#2 The More I Learn About Mushrooms The Less Comfortable I Am With The Idea Of Mushrooms

Image credits: Pure_Reason

#3 A Screaming Dead Sun

Image credits: FumingOstrich35

Glancing at these images, we experience a paradox. It’s terrifying to look at them, however, it’s also hard to look away. To find out what fascinates people about the unsettling photos, Bored Panda spoke with Coltan Scrivner, behavioral scientist and expert on the science of horror and morbid curiosity.

#4 A Schizophrenic Patient’s Last Drawing Before Suicide

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#5 Instead Of Carving The Jack-O-Lantern Myself This Year

I poked a bunch of small holes in a pumpkin and stuffed the holes with peanut butter. I then let the squirrels go at it for two days. The result is something truly disturbingly.

Image credits: Texas1971

#6 Signature Evolution In Alzheimer’s Disease

Image credits: Bigon_

C. Scrivner explains creepiness as the feeling that something might be dangerous. “When we are sure we are facing something dangerous, we feel afraid. When we are facing something that is more ambiguous, we feel creeped out.”

People are attracted to learning about danger, particularly when they can safely learn about danger (in this case, looking at these oddly terrifying images). C. Scrivener explained that things that are unsettling are creepy, which means we aren’t sure if they’re dangerous or not. “This uncertain danger is particularly attractive for our minds. We want to learn more about the unsettling thing so that we can know if it’s dangerous or not.”

#7 Woman’s Neighbor Sprays Raid, Peeks Through The Slits In The Fence…

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Image credits: 14thCenturyHood

#8 If We Drew Modern Animals The Way We Draw Dinosaurs, Based On Bones Alone

Image credits: JamesMG27

#9 A Sweet Potato Dug Up From A Garden

Image credits: justadair

C. Scrivener continued: “Creepiness differs a bit from individual to individual, just like fears. However, just like there are some things that are more likely to be feared (e.g. heights, snakes), there are probably some things that are more likely to be creepy. Things that have both elements of danger and safety might be more likely to be creepy, like a life-like doll or an abandoned house. Dolls are cute and safe, but maybe not if they’re alive. Houses are places of refuge, but maybe not if they’re abandoned.”

#10 Just A Little Reddit Before Bed

Image credits: Robinson3m

#11 The View From My Grandmothers Sun Room…

Image credits: CalebPoland

#12 Why Even Need This Is What Scares Me

Image credits: devilmcdonald

According to C. Scrivener, feeling creeped out has similar effects to anxiety. “Our mind prepares the senses for information gathering and we are more on alert than usual. This helps us efficiently learn about the potential danger. In the case of images, there is no actual danger. There are likely no long-term negative effects of viewing unsettling images.”

#13 These Bathroom Tiles

Image credits: BigfootDynamite

#14 Appears I Had A Visitor While Working Alone In A Large Abandoned Basement…

Image credits: ssweigart1029

#15 Seems Like A Stone Giant Is Waking Up

Image credits: justadair

#16 Lake Mead 1983 vs. 2021

Image credits: GrowthFinal7547

#17 Lighthouse By The Coast Of Iceland

Image credits: fyflate89

#18 A 4-Year-Old Boy Named Bobby Dunbar Disappeared While On A Trip With His Family

8 months later, they found him and reunited him with his family, and they lived out the rest of their lives together. Nearly 100 years later, DNA evidence proved that the boy they rescued was not Bobby Dunbar.

Image credits: SouthsFinest-

#19 A Disease That Has No Cure

Image credits: DickDoodle830

#20 This Banana Blossom

Image credits: journeyman369

#21 Meanwhile, In Australia

Image credits: umbertocsaba

#22 Walking Home 4 Miles In Abandoned Railroad Tracks

No other way to get home unless I want to walk through gang run drug areas. that’s the scary part, this is safer.

Image credits: 0asisfan2

#23 This Is Point Nemo, The Spot Farthest Away From Any Land In The World. You Are Closer To Astronauts Aboard The Iss Than Humanity

Image credits: SabsWithR

#24 Antheraea Polyphemus… Basically A Tarantula With Wings

Image credits: aristogenic

#25 An AI’s Interpretation Of The Word “Religion”

Image credits: Lead-Fire

#26 A Bat Nursery

Image credits: Gainsborough-Smythe

#27 Mother Centipede Cradling Her Children

Image credits: Acetosedactylis73

#28 My Spine. I Went In For Surgery At 5’10”, Came Out 6’2″, I’m Supposed To Be 6’7″

Image credits: KelGuapo

#29 Known Locations Of Bodies On Mt. Everest

Image credits: SomeoneFromGalar

#30 A Three-Legged Dog Licking Its Back

Image credits: Capitalsplat411

#31 Ponte City Apartments In Johannesburg, South Africa. The Tallest Residential Building On The African Continent

Image credits: fyflate89

#32 Bugs Escaping From A Flood

Image credits: WorthEvent6967

#33 This Past Thursday Marked The 13th Anniversary Of John Jones Death In Nutty Putty Cave

Jones found himself in a situation no man could help him and after being stuck upside down for 26 hours he died of cardiac arrest while his wife and daughter stood hundreds of feet above.

Image credits: 0asisfan2

#34 Chinese Ghost City. Huge Skyscraper Areas That No One Lives In

Image credits: HuldaGnodima

#35 Inside A Hong Kong Coffin Home

Image credits: rizenHeH

#36 Civilians Taking Care Of Zoo Animals In Their Own Homes During Wwii

Image credits: thenRest494

#37 This Amazon Warehouse In Tijuana, Mexico

Image credits: bennyhendrix212

#38 Stevn King In The 70’s vs. Steven King In His 70’s

Image credits: blaketbailey

#39 So, Did You Like The Zoo?

Image credits: eri_T-34

#40 Every Single Frog Is Looking Eerily In The Same Direction

Image credits: Spacee_7

#41 Imagine Going To Explore Your Ski Resort On Holiday And Running Into This

Image credits: Aromatic-Client336

#42 Remindes Me Of Attack On Titan

Image credits: gnostichell

#43 My Father In Their Home Right Now During Ian

Image credits: Annies_Boobs

#44 This Statue Of The Devil Defeating The Archangel Michael On Top Of A Tomb That Is Caged Off

Image credits: BJAlex_aka_AhnJiwon

#45 And They Were Never Seen Again

Image credits: BacharElSalad

#46 My Friend Went Into A Fugue State And Wandered Into The Countryside At 3am

Phoned me at around 5am explaining that he had no idea where he was, soaking wet to the bone and covered in cuts, bruises and this bite(?)

Image credits: Mighty_Cunnus

#47 This Is The Last Source Of Light For 600 Miles

Image credits: Flavz_the_complainer

#48 My Wife Found This Trail-Cam Pointed At The Back Door Of The Restaurant She Manages

Image credits: DangerDee007

#49 This Warning Sign

Image credits: Ambassador_Academic

#50 We Hired A Chimney Specialist Today And They Found This. They Said “Well, This Is A First”

Image credits: TheClarkes

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