Oh God, Someone Made Clippy into an Enamel Pin

As the founder of Strike Gently Co , I deal in pins and patches daily. The Creators Project asked me to pull together a weekly roundup of the best newly-released pins. Most of these will probably sell out. If you like them, smash that “add to cart” button.

King of the Pin

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I missed most of Dragon Ball Z and I still would wear the hell out of this one. The level of detail is top notch, and I can only imagine what an actual Dragon Ball Z fan will think. Kamehameha add to cart.

$13.60 here.

Inner Decay

Inner Decay’s BDSM pins are so sexy they make me want to move to Japan and join some sort of sex cult. This is a new release with artist Tina Lugo, whose work is so sexually explicit and awesome that 43,000+ people have privately “requested to follow” on IG. That’s an achievement in and of itself.

$15.00 each here.

KW Tallant

Now it’s time for the feature of the week that’s just straight-up pretty. Look at how pretty these moths and butterflies are. KW Tallant has a whole range of completely original hand-drawn pins that I would strongly suggest checking out.

$10.00 here.


Clippy: Microsoft’s most creative creation. He’ll tell you when your WordArt is badly positioned, when you spell the word “definately” wrong, and when he thinks you’re trying way too hard to format a letter. Put him on your lapel to trigger other 90s kids and release your inner Grammar Nazi.

$10.00 here.

King Drippa

Frankly, I’m surprised no one has done this yet. Disney’s notorious for keeping an iron hold over their IP, so this CEASE AND DESIST pin is really pushing the limits on the Satire/Parody Distinction. Is that correct legalese? Anyway, game on.

$10.00 here.

Ok, that’s it. Go check out my shop: www.strikegently.co


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Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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