OIKOS: A Flexible Kitchen for Working Spaces

OIKOS: A Flexible Kitchen for Working Spaces

Food and cooking are tried and true ways of bringing people together so incorporating a slice of that culture into the workspace seems like a natural progression to bump creativity and performance. While researching ways to make it happen, German designer May Kukula created OIKOS as a island packed with functionality. It not only provides a meeting spot for team members, it’s a hub for cooking, eating, and some informal interaction.

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Since many workspaces are going with open floor plans these days, Kukula designed OIKOS to function like a two-wheeled wagon that can be raised and pushed to wherever it’s needed. When not being used for cooking, it operates as a regular tabletop where people can brainstorm or work independently with the added convenience of electrical outlets for charging your gear. When it’s time to cook, uncover the induction stove and storage compartments that house ingredients during prep time.

OIKOS is made from a black powder coated steel frame with an oak surface that all comes apart to flat-pack it for storage or transportation.

OIKOS was presented as part of the exhibition Naked Objects | Nieuwe German Gestaltung #005 curated by Alexandra Klatt and Max Borka and organized by State of Design Berlin during Cologne.

Source: design-milk

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