Ominous Photos of Creeping Limbs Reaching Out for Human Contact

Creeping limbs reach out from the depths of misty rainforests. Under the rays of breaking light, human arms and legs are revealed. The disembodied forms are nothing more than a few sinewy body parts. By whittling down the human subjects to their faceless limbs, photographer Denise Kwong creates a space that is raw, slightly ominous, and restrained of showiness. The Sydney-based artist possesses a thrilling understanding of mood and style for a hobby photographer.

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Kwong began her photography career four years ago. In 2013, Kwong connected with the social and shareable aspects of Instagram to experiment with her art. She tells Creators, “My style(s) have changed and evolved since then—starting with minimalism and landscape. I am now more interested in imagery with a human subject—whatever role it plays.”

“Hands in particular,” she continues,” I like to photograph [by] using my immediate environment to dictate the creativity of direction. I feel they can convey so much emotion and add extra dimension to the imagery.”

To explore more work from Denise Kwong, visit her Tumblr and Instagram page.


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