One Giant Cinnamon Roll to Rule Them All

Redditor JephriB found that he couldn’t fit a can of five jumbo cinnamon rolls into his air fryer. Or at least that was his excuse for unwinding them and spiraling them all back together into one giant cinnamon roll. Those who saw the picture were in awe. Now, it appears that a lot of people prefer the soft center of a cinnamon role to the relatively crusty outer ring. A little math (or a diagram) shows us that JephriB’s cinnamon roll has maximized the soft center and minimized the outer crust. Here’s the finished product.

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American redditors were impressed, while those from Scandinavian countries bragged that these are normal where they come from. This is how you eat a whole can of cinnamon rolls and stay within the “serving size” of “one.” He didn’t mention how he ate it, so you have to consider whether you would cut this into wedges like a pie, unroll it as you eat, or just bite through it with abandon. Remind me to pick up a can of cinnamon rolls at the grocery today.

Source: neatorama

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