One in Five Cities To Have Never-Before-Seen Climates

A new research states that the world is on the verge of having drastic transformation “that will see cities around the globe inherit the disparate climates of places hundreds of miles away”. Scientists say that by 2050, as part of the rapid metamorphosis, three-fourths of the world’s cities will have had their climates rearranged.

Most concerning of all, over 20 percent of cities will experience conditions that have no precedent in any city in the world today.

In truth, it’s not the first time scientists have told us such an unthinkable overhaul of our weather patterns is imminent.

A study published just a few months ago suggested that by the year 2080, cities in North America will feel like they’re about 500 miles (800 km) away from where they are today – for the most part, they’ll be hotter and wetter, as if the whole country existed in the US south (if not Mexico).

But the new research takes the same approach a big step further.

Scientists from the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich have for the first time visualised how these climate shifts will play out on a global scale, looking at how conditions in 520 major cities around the world are predicted to change in just three decades.

Check out more details of this news over at Science Alert.

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(Image Credit: Crowther Lab/ Twitter)

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