One Man's Quest to Park in Every Slot at His Local Grocery Store

In the Hero’s Journey narrative structure developed by mythologist Joseph Campbell, the hero, who is often an ordinary person (and thus demonstrating, in egalitarian fashion, the latent ability of all people) who accepts a call to adventure.

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In today’s retelling of the great story at the heart of the human journey is Gareth Wild, a video producer in London. The challenge that reached out of our collective unconscious into his life was to park in every single slot in the parking lot of his neighborhood grocery store.

Arthur needed Excalibur. Moses needed his staff. Gareth Wild needed Google Sheets.

There were 211 parking spaces. Odysseus needed 10 years to return home from Troy. Gareth Wild, a more capable hero, accomplished his goal in merely 6 years. This is his tale.

-via Kottke

Source: neatorama

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