“One Orange Braincell”: 100 Times Ginger Cats Acted So Dorky, They Ended Up On This Online Group (New Pics)

If you’re a cat lover or just someone in need of a good laugh, the subreddit ‘One Orange Braincell’ should be right up your alley. Dedicated to fluffy and adorable feline gingers, it’s full of endearing derpy moments.

However, despite the subreddit’s name, it’s not just a collection of dumb cats doing silly things. Rather, it’s a celebration of all orange cats, and the quirky and lovable behaviors they exhibit.

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From freezing when something is placed on their head to having the time of their life with a simple string, these cats are a blast to be around and can brighten up your day even through the internet. (But then again, can’t they all?)

Even though the furballs in these pictures might not appear to be the smartest, who doesn’t have their moments? So continue scrolling to meet them!

#1 10 Months Old And Still Needs His Emotional Support Carrots

Image credits: PrincessOake

#2 I Just Realized Nugget Has An Upvote On His Chest

Image credits: RandyBeaman

When it comes to feline genetics, things like coat color and pattern are carried on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes (XX) while males have one X and one Y (XY).

Cats inherit a combination of genes from both parents, although the wide variety of colors you see in cats comes from just two main colors: black and orange (or red).

A kitten inherits two copies of each gene from its parents (one from each), and each gene can be either dominant or recessive.

#3 Trying To Eat A Bee Gets You The Cone Of Shame And A Swollen Schnoz

Image credits: iowafarmboy2011

#4 Awoken At Five Am By Purring For No Reason

Image credits: life_inabox

#5 This Is Noodle. He Thinks His Void Brother’s Antibiotic Eye Drops Are A Special Treat, So Now I Have To Give Him His Own Pretend Eye Drops 2 Times A Day

Image credits: sockowl

The gene for orange coloring is dominant (O), so a kitten needs to inherit only one copy of the orange gene to display some degree of that color in its coat.

This fact also explains why most orange tabbies are male — since a female orange tabby must have two X chromosomes to be female, there is only about a 20% chance an orange kitty will be female.

#6 He Always Tries To Lie On Top Of The Eggs, So We Put Ping Pong Balls In The Egg Carton

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Image credits: mercurio_liquido

#7 Nothing Going On In There. Not Even Elevator Music

Image credits: some_disclosure

#8 Just Brought Home This Senior Orange Boy – Meet Kenneth!

Image credits: confusednazgul

#9 Tiger Being Orange

Image credits: chaosgirl93

If a kitten displays the tabby pattern or not depends on whether it inherits a dominant or recessive agouti gene. The term “agouti” refers to hair that has alternating bands of light and dark color – this produces a speckled or “salt and pepper” appearance.

Kittens that inherit a dominant agouti gene (A) will display a visible striped pattern while kittens that inherit the recessive gene (a) will not. Solid-colored cats can still display subtle tabby patterns – often called “ghost striping” – if they inherit two copies of the recessive gene (aa).

#10 This Is Kevin. He Regularly Sits Like This While We Watch TV

Image credits: pleuritic_chest_pain

#11 He Likes Being Carried Like An Orange Satchel

Image credits: AgentGravitas

#12 My Girls Got Spayed Today And Once Their Surgery Suits Were On, They Didn’t Recognize Each Other

Image credits: Bigrivet

#13 A Cat Had 4 Kittens At The Landfill I Work It. The Mom Left And Took 3 With Her, This Little Guy Was Left Behind. After A Week Of Leaving Food And Water For Him I Found Him His Forever Home

Image credits: pheret87

#14 Kissed Him Goodbye And Forgot I Was Wearing Lipstick. Looks Like Neither Of Us Have The Braincell

Image credits: NecessaryFlamingo620

#15 See Our Gremlin In His Natural Habitat: Proudly Strutting Around After Getting Into Office Supplies And Sticky-Noting His Own Butt

Image credits: SecretlyVoldemort

#16 The Day I Picked Her Out At The Shelter

Image credits: booksandcatlover

#17 Took Dingus To The Vet Yesterday For His Annual Checkup And He Went And Hid, Can Anyone Help Find Him Or The Braincell?

Image credits: LEGOjon96

#18 He’s Rossini And Everybody Love Him. He Sleeps In The Stores Of The City Where I Live (Rovigo, Italy) And Everybody Respect And Welcome Him. Someone Regularly Feed Him And Take Cares Of Him But He Don’t Have An Owner

Image credits: Feef00

#19 My Loud, Snaggletooth’d, Single Brain Cell, Almost 17 Year Old Floof~

Image credits: T-I-Double-Ta-Erps

#20 Orange Cat

Image credits: NoFaceQueen

#21 Adoption Picture vs. Now. Connection To The Braincell Didn‘T Improve Since Adoption But I Like To Think She‘S Happier. Meet Sadira!

Image credits: Red_Wine_Vinegar

#22 He Thinks He’s An Ornamental Statue. Very Inconvenient When The TV Is On

Image credits: No_Post8064

#23 This Is Gus Gustopher Gustopherson

Image credits: seriicis

#24 My Orange Got Scared Of Movers And Decided This Was The Place To Hide

Image credits: Vicious-Worm

#25 Trust Me… He’s Orange

Image credits: odin-ish

#26 Does Begging For The Braincell Help?

Image credits: Laney20

#27 Such A Cute Weirdo

Image credits: crpohl54

#28 After Crying To Be Allowed Outside For Hours, Melon Learned Snow Is, In Fact, Cold And Wet

Image credits: abigailandcooper

#29 Our Braincell Absolutely Loves These Little Mice Toys So I Got A Whole Box For Her Birthday (11) Last Week. I Dumped Them In A House On Her Tree She Never Uses & Found Her Like This Last Night

Image credits: LilacOpheliac

#30 Unsurprisingly These Men Do Not Have The Braincell

Image credits: niphaea

#31 High As A Kite After An Mri (Which Neither Confirmed Nor Denied The Presence Of The Braincell, But Thankfully Did Deny The Existence Of Any Malignant Braincells)

Image credits: rosewalker42

#32 Still No Braincell For Ron But He’s Still Smiling

Image credits: PsySam89

#33 His Balls Got Deleted Today, Will He Be Okay?

Image credits: faeeebs

#34 Sometimes He Will Meow Until I Place My Finger Into His Nose, At Which Point He Will Start Purring Loudly

Image credits: TheNutMasterGod

#35 Can’t Understand What’s Stopping Him

Image credits: Jjiyeon18

#36 All Hail Orange Cats

Image credits: catmanslim

#37 Caesar Got By On Looks And Charm Alone. I Don’t Think He Ever Got The Brain Cell In All 15 Years Of His Life

Image credits: my-cat-cant-cat

#38 Does Raising The Antenna Improve Brain Cell Reception?

Image credits: wigglecat

#39 This Is Marx, He Is Here To Seize The Means Of Production

Image credits: Ninicoon

#40 Who Else Has Child Locks On Cabinets Because “The Cat”

Image credits: Curbob

#41 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate My Creature. Five Years And Still Not A Single Turn With The Brain Cell

Image credits: fakesnakes910

#42 We Demand Food Father

Image credits: ScenicHwyOverpass

#43 A Visualization Of The One Orange Brain Cell Floating Around My Cat’s Head

Image credits: Baller_McSavage

#44 He Just Straight Up Passed Out Like This… He Didn’t Move For Almost An Hour

Image credits: hollowXchain

#45 And There Is One Missing In The Photo

Image credits: Lulujujuju

#46 Before My First Orange, I Thought Y’all Were Mean

Image credits: Glad-Sector-2870

#47 Tyler Waiting Patiently For The Brain Cell

Image credits: Stripes-and-Plaid

#48 This Is Moose. He Has Never Had, Nor Will He Probably Ever Need, The Brain Cell

Image credits: VisceralMonkey

#49 Fell Off My Leg, Decided This Is How He’s Going To Stay

Image credits: Temujins_here

#50 I Don’t Know If He Thinks He’s A Carrot Or If The Bag Of Carrots Is His Brethren, But He’s Been Like This For 15 Minutes

Image credits: PrincessOake

#51 Every Time I Have To Pack

Image credits: astronimbus

#52 Krobus Wonders What She Did To Deserve So Many Orange Siblings

Image credits: Laney20

#53 You Can Almost See Damon Under Leo

Image credits: orangecatmom

#54 I’m Out Of Ideas

Image credits: Gottabe

#55 Ron Used The Brain Cell To Channel His Inner Medieval Cat

Image credits: mistachen3000

#56 My Cat Thought This Statue Was A Real Cat & Puffed Up!

Image credits: spacefitzburger

#57 Nacho Doesn’t Have A Clue

Image credits: RoccoSupreme

#58 Brought This Sleepy Guy Home From The Shelter Yesterday. His Previous Owners Moved Out Of Their Apartment And Left Him Behind. He Used His Brain Cell To Cry For Help Until Animal Control Showed Up To Rescue Him

Image credits: chalamets_pesca

#59 Guess Which One Has The Brain Cell

Image credits: francis_the_shark

#60 He Knows She Doesn’t Like Him That Much. He Does This Every Single Day Hoping She’ll Change Her Mind ???

Image credits: AccomplishedDrop4746

#61 These Two, Sharing A Braincell

Image credits: cgtdream

#62 Birdwatching With The “Eggs”

Image credits: mercurio_liquido

#63 Braincell Departed

Image credits: LazyCondition0

#64 Caught This Little Fucker Suntanning In My Tent

Image credits: valdezthecat

#65 Was Told By The Vet The Other Day That Little Samus Is Something Of A Rare Breed Being A Female Orange Tabby. My Very Own Cute Rare Braincell

Image credits: Valpuccio

#66 Filtered Water From A Pet Fountain – No. Chair Water – Yes

Image credits: Irish-king

#67 My Dad In 1995 With Our Orange Boy

Image credits: vaxildxn

#68 It Is A Pleasure To Report That He Is Still Taking Care Of His Ping Pong Eggs

Image credits: mercurio_liquido

#69 His Orangeness Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Step On A Hot Stove

Image credits: Desperate-Strain-141

#70 Little Red Has Gained Many Friends During His Adventure, Yet The Mythical Brain Cell Escapes His Grasp!

Image credits: Ok_Trouble_731

#71 Weenie Would Like To Smoosh His Face Into Yours

Image credits: Loligant

#72 Coworker Sent Me This Screenshot Of George And I Equally Spaced Out In A Meeting

Image credits: SquarishWheel

#73 No Braincell Here. Only An Obsession With Bubbles

Image credits: rpg_hobbitmaster

#74 3 Cheese Blend

Image credits: LWFYD

#75 My Brothers Collection Of Oranges ?

Image credits: 14ChaoticNeutral

#76 Kitten ? Or Squirrel ?

Image credits: AllTitsSomeArse

#77 Found Our Newton Eating Cucumbers In The Garden

Image credits: pretendgineer90

#78 That’s A Heated Water Bowl, Buddy, Not A Hot Tub. The Water Is Barely Above Freezing

Image credits: Fazioliphotography

#79 I Only Just Discovered This Sub And Y’all Need To Know About My Cat Who Is Pure Vacant-Brained Chaos

Image credits: somemidtowner

#80 Pov:caught Mochi Sleeping In My Son’s Crib

Image credits: triplesspressso

#81 Today Is The Second Anniversary Of When We Brought Mack Home And He Still Hasn’t Had His Turn Yet

Image credits: teeohdeedee123

#82 She Doesn’t Protec

Image credits: Skribblah88

#83 This Dumbfuck Decided Nye Was A Good Day To Stay Out Till 11:58 Pm. Spent All Evening Crying And Calling His Name; Party Ruined; And Then He Shows Up At The Door Like Nothing Happened

Image credits: Willing_Bad9857

#84 It Finally Happened Yesterday…the Vet Has Diagnosed Calvin As Chonk. He Needs To Lose 2 Lbs. Here He Is Singing Me The Song Of His People When I Refused Him Post-Vet Treats

Image credits: itsjobear

#85 Guess Who Turns One Today!? Meet Charlie. ?

Image credits: BuckExactly

#86 Please Enjoy This Cute Orange Juice?

Image credits: Room0814

#87 He Was Very Proud He Solved The Puzzle

Image credits: aabdur2

#88 Not Mine But, Would Love To Share Orange’s Activity In Workplace

Image credits: mang_fatih

#89 One Of 4 Red-Haired Kittens. She’s Not Chonk. She’s +size ?

Image credits: No_Argument_5926

#90 I Bought Him A Fancy $100 Flowing Water Dish, But No. He Really Refuses To Drink Out Of Anything Except A Cup

Image credits: hailthesaint

#91 New Monster High Doll Just Dropped?

Image credits: YakZ88

#92 Empty Head Thought He Could Finish 4 Tacos (He’s Only The Size Of 3)

Image credits: Gift_Unlucky

#93 Clementine Just Smirked When I Informed Her That She Cannot Assemble Furniture Because She Lacks Thumbs—and Brain Cells

Image credits: huncamuncamouse

#94 Pippin Is A Cell-Less Success Story. He Is No Longer Searching. Blissful Ignorance

Image credits: Calm_Possibility_471

#95 He Thinks I Have The Brain Cell

Image credits: Amaterasu-23

#96 Searching For The Cell

Image credits: ArtifictionDog

#97 He Decided To Kill Me (I’m Dead Now)

Image credits: Windfall_The_Dutchie

#98 The Cat Flap Is Open. He Knows How To Use The Cat Flap. So He Sits Outside The Cat Flap And Stares In Mournfully, Occasionally Meowing To Himself

Image credits: lasthopeofhumanity

#99 Little Red Pillaged Potatoes For His Growing Crew!

Image credits: Ok_Trouble_731

#100 Little Red Dons His Helmet And Sails The Seas In Search Of The Legendary Brain Cell

Image credits: Ok_Trouble_731

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