Online Course: Designing and Prototyping a Chair

With this highly recommended online course by Muka Design Lab, you can learn different techniques to build a wooden chair for artisanal production.

Lucas and Laxmi are the award-winning designers behind Muka Design Lab. They create furniture and mass-consumption products that are carefully crafted with their end-users needs in mind. They believe in slow design processes, which is why they collaborate on artisanal projects with local craftsmen and workshops.

Through Muka Design Lab’s course, you can craft your own ergonomic wooden chair from the ground up. They will teach you how to transform initial ideas into full-scale prototypes with slow design techniques that emphasize sustainability and functionality. By taking this class, you’ll gain all of the tools needed to create a fully realized product concept! What will you learn in this online course?

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Designing and Prototyping Your First Chair
Designing and Prototyping Your First Chair

Are you interested in discovering new and exciting knowledge? Then this online course is for you! Here, we’ll delve into a wide range of educational topics to help expand your skillset. Enroll today and unlock the gateway to endless possibilities — what will you learn?

Get to know Laxmi and Lucas, the dynamic duo behind Muka Design Lab. Hear them talk about their professional accomplishments, their all-consuming passion for furniture design, and their broader implications within the studio’s scope of work. Plus they will introduce you to some of the sources that have inspired them along this journey!

Kickstart the course by uncovering the secrets of chairs – from being introduced to slow design materials and conceptual processes to sketching, refining drawings, selecting your favorite one, and finally constructing a 1:10 scale model. Muka will guide you through their methodologies as well as offer some tips on finding ideas for your chair designs!

Carefully create your prototype to fit a human’s size and test each component of the design in order to correct any potential issues before it is crafted. Once you have perfected your idea, reach out to an artisan nearby who can bring the vision in your mind into physical reality exactly how you want it.

Consider your art direction, then capture a photograph to demonstrate the effectiveness of your design. Finally, share it on social media and spread the word about your work!

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